Silly Fantasy Booking (Mania or otherwise)

I just had a fantasy booking idea that surprisingly holds together and despite fantasy booking being silly, I present anyway:

Ronda comes out Sunday to sign her contract with Kurt. She signs up with some hubbub and Steph comes out to congratulate and let her know what she’ll be doing at WrestleMania: she wants to give Ronda the Women’s Title and whoever wins the Elimination Chamber can face her for the title at Mania. She says that Ronda was given the title in UFC and she wants to show her the same respect. Ronda says no, that was a completely different situation - the winner of the Elimination Chamber deserves the title and Asuka deserves her title shot. Hunter interrupts and he has another offer for her: she used to be a Horsewoman but just like the divas division evolved into the Women’s Evolution, she’s the ultimate Evolution of the women’s division and he wants to build the new Evolution around her.

Seth interrupts and tells her this never goes well for anyone, talks about the people that Hunter has double crossed. Ronda turns it down, as well. Steph gets in her face and gets thrown and armbarred with Hunter and then Seth getting involved. It looks like Seth/Ronda vs Hunter/Steph.

The next night Hunter says he was serious about a new Evolution but that he clearly had the wrong woman for the job. Enter: Charlotte Flair. Charlotte is not quite sure about it but Ric is pushing it on her. Seth tries to come out and do the same sort of spiel… only to get attacked by a returning Samoa Joe.

Hunter’s attempts to recruit the new Evolution continue as he tries to woo Finn Balor as the new male face of Evolution. Finn is skeptical too. Batista returns at some point and specifically endorses Hunter and Evolution and says he wouldn’t be the star he is today without Hunter.

Evolution at this point is: Hunter, Batista, Joe, Charlotte. Seth and Ronda are on the outs with them.

This leads to Joe/Hunter vs Seth and a returning Jason Jordan. Jason turns and reveals he was never Kurt’s son and is the new member of Evolution. Finn makes the call to not join, a beatdown ensues - Anderson, Gallows, Seth and Ronda save. In joining Evolution, Jason and Hunter also unceremoniously fire Kurt

Now: Hunter, Batista, Joe, Jason and Charlotte are the complete new Evolution. It now looks like The Balor Club and Seth and Ronda vs Evolution.

But Anderson and Gallows get taken out by Evolution in an angle weeks before Mania. It’s now 5 on 3. Kurt Angle returns and joins the opposing team to make it 5 on 4. And, if you can make it happen… The Rock makes it 5 on 5.

Rock, Angle, Seth, Finn and Ronda vs Hunter, Batista, Joe, Jason and Charlotte with Steph and Ric is the Mania match. You limit how much both Rock and Ronda need to work in the match. You start the set up to the Batista/Hunter feud that Batista has claimed to want for a while. You can turn Charlotte back babyface right after, if you want to or you can keep her as heel as an opponent for Ronda. It’s a match with tons of continuity, tons of mainstream names but also a few less mainstream guys getting a rub from involvement, it gets a lot of people on the card, it pays off Jason/Angle (and ends the worst part of that).

Plus, if you can’t get The Rock? It’s set up perfectly for the 5th guy to be Braun too.