Sin Cara Asks For His Release

Well written and makes perfect sense - but it wont happen. He will be stuck like the rest of them

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Interesting given that he just got more focus the last 2 weeks than he had in months (years). I doubt they will grant his release though.

How come he’s waited that long to ask for his release ?

Sucks for you Sin Cara. Now your ass is gonna get cucked by Carolina or Catalina, whatever the hell her name is.

Amaaaaazing focus with him jobbing and than jobbing with a newly assigned valet, looking like the king of all geeks out there. And meanwhile Catarolina got sent back in development, weee.

Wondering how long till his contract expires, though. If it is one or two years, he’s gonna be on a tough ride…

I didn’t say it was amazing just better than it had been in quite some time. He put on a couple of good matches with Andrade. Like was that the last straw? I mean he has been clearly defined down forever.

For a company that is number 1 in its industry, it doesn’t look good that it’s independent contractors publicly want to leave.

Then again WWE seem to survive almost everything

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I really don’t see the big deal in granting him a release. WWE has already had somebody else of note play the character, and would easily be able to give the gimmick to somebody else. They literally have no reason to keep him locked down other than pettiness.

He can’t do the character elsewhere. He is literally just a capable body. They have hundreds of those.

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I think I’m gonna beat the drum for this about how these guys just wanna work. He saw what his ceiling was 2 weeks ago and that was it. When does Sin Cara “Work” what house shows is he on, when is he on Main Event or 205 Live. With Harper and Dillenger and Bennett these guys just wanna work. I think being traveling wrestlers living by a budget for years they can probably live off of the 6 or 7 figures they’ve made off WWE. My favorite radio host Dan Le Batard (Welcome back Dan) used to always ask this question of his co host. What deep down would you rather have 1) The show is making all the money gets the highest ratings but you have literally nothing to do with it, you’re just associated by name or 2) you host a show not as popular not as successful but you’re surviving and get to work. A lot of people would take 2 because it doesn’t mean you’re selfish. It means you’re human you wanna work.

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Now a new report from PWinsider has provided some more updates on the situations and it reveals how the WWE Officials are reacting to the high flying star’s request.

The report reveals that he is interested in joining the Combate Americas MMA promotion which features several wrestlers including the former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio.

However, while the Raw star may have started thinking about his future, word going around is that the officials will not be granting his request and he is expected to stay with the company. Sin Cara has 3 years left in his current contract.

Poor bastard.

You’d like to think they’d let him go. It’s not like he’s a major threat to ratings or anything and they blatantly don’t want to use him. Let him go to Mexico and finish his career up.

Almost certainly won’t happen though, I expect he’s got even longer than 3 years as he’s had some injury issues so they’ll just stack it up.

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It’s just that if you release someone before the end of his contract, you have to pay him the 3 years and then release him (I think that’s how it works ?).

I wouldn’t think that would happen if the person asks for their release.

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Pretty sure if you get released upon your request - they owe him nothing.

They are actually paying him for the remainder of his contract now - simply because they won’t let him go.

As long as you’re pretty sure you can make a comfortable living outside of WWE, requesting your release currently seems like a pretty low-risk endeavor. Worst case scenario is that you keep making your six-figure guarantee to occasionally be a warm body in a battle royal.

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Did you see the powerbomb Drew gave to Sin Cara on the outside? I’d be praying and contemplating my career after that too. Fuck

Original Sin Cara was better

Hire a lawyer and fight the “Employee Vs Independent Contractor”. I am thinking that is the one fight they dont want

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