Since John and Wai are reviewing the Rocky series...

Well, since they are reviewing the Rocky series, starting with the first one, since that film won for Best Picture and Best Director at the 49th Academy Awards, they should maybe look, just in comparison to Rocky, the other 4 movies that were nominated. Here they are…
-All The President’s Men
-Bound for Glory
-Taxi Driver.
Not an in depth review of each film, mind you. But:

  1. To see how it holds up today
  2. How it compares with Rocky, and whether that film should have won over Rocky.
    (In my opinion, you can see why Rocky won, as the feel good underdog story was a more desirable want of that time the mid 1970s, after the negativity of Watergate and the grungy look of most 1970s city based movies. Although Rocky does have that look to it too, when you think about it.
    I’d love to hear John and Wai’s thoughts on this, as well the rest of the community…
    Rich in East Selkirk

Extremely into the idea of John and Wait reviewing Woody Guthrie albums against TNA/Impact pay-per-views to determine who had the overall better Bound for Glory