Sky Sports/Wrestling

Assuming Sky Sports still want Wrestling content, what promotion should they go for?

I believe that they will want some content for their PPV channel, so for me there are 2 possible options:

R.O.H: Ever since The Wrestling Channel, this company as not had any UK TV coverage so striking a deal might not be the hardest thing in the world.

New Japan: They can air the show that Axis has plus they might be able to strike a deal to show the big events like Wrestle Kingdom, Dominion. New Japan might think that they can get more subscribers to their Streaming Service for the smaller shows.

Weekly television wouldn’t have to be shown live, so scheduling would be easier.

If they want to go for a UK promotion, Rev Pro could be the one

I dont understand Sky at the moment. Didnt seem interested in MMA and left UFC for BT - then did a temporary deal with Bellator.

Then they ended things with WWE - again for BT.

I can see them giving New Japan a temporary deal for a few shows and see what reception from the audience is