Skye Blue thanks fans for support after harassment at AEW show

Originally published at Skye Blue thanks fans for support after harassment at AEW show

An ugly incident at this past Wednesday’s AEW card in Edmonton resulted in a man being ejected from the front row over their conduct.

After Dynamite, Skye Blue was part of the Ring of Honor tapings at Rogers Place in a match with Racheal Ellering.

There was a post by a fan describing the situation with a man in the front yelling sexually suggestive taunts at Blue. The person noted that those around him stated for him to stop and he just got louder.

After the match, referee Aubrey Edwards had security remove him from the building over “disgusting, vile, hateful” things being yelled at Skye Blue.

If you yell disgusting, vile, hateful things at my coworkers, I will make sure your ass gets kicked out.

There is no place for that in wrestling.

Heckling is fine, but when you’ve made the performers (me included) feel uncomfortable in their place of work, you’ve gone too far.

— Aubrey Edwards – AEW Referee (@RefAubrey) May 9, 2024

Skye Blue posted a message thanking people for the support she has received since the incident.

I’m beyond overwhelmed with all the love and support. Thank you everyone you have no idea how much it’s appreciated 💙
Let’s make sure the future generations of women wrestlers don’t have to deal with this shit.

— Skye Blue (@Skyebyee) May 10, 2024

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Fans can be pigs.

The one time I took my wife to an AEW show in Vegas (we were ringside by the ramp) she experienced some of this. Lots of guys gawking and acting weird and keep trying to talk to her. She eventually sat outside

This never happens at WWE shows me because there are more women I find that are sitting ringside and stuff. She will usually make friends with another wife or GF who has been dragged to this.

For the AEW one though it was more male heavy and more grungy. She wouldn’t go back.


I was at all in in London and we had many women right next to the entrance ramp around us. Men were total gentleman even letting them go up front to high five talent etc. I very much think this is a cultural problem and less an AEW problem.


This was in Las Vegas for AEW. I’ve never been to a WWE show there (usually in Toronto) so that might have been it as wel. But it was night and day

It’s an Alberta problem, not AEW.


It’s definitely an Alberta during playoffs season thing at the very least. I’ve only been to wrestling shows in Alberta so I don’t know how it compares to other places, but typically speaking there’s always one guy in my proximity who’s shouting crass shit and being annoying but generally alright crowds.

The playoffs definitely have people in a frenzy here. I got awful vibes from the crowd and I didn’t even see the stuff that everyone’s talking about. It wasn’t like this last year. I’ve come away from this show quite disillusioned when it comes to going back to AEW here. It’s pretty embarrassing to me to see my hometown in headlines for the exceptional amount of perverts we brought to the program.


Yeah I was at the Dynamite in Edmonton last year. Amazing crowd.

I will see how Vancouver behaves tomorrow :grimacing:

I don’t want to write off this crowd completely either; there was a nice moment when they brought out the job guys to face Jericho, and I didn’t recognize them but there must have been a lot of folks at the show who know them from a local indie because a LOT of fans were repping them hard when they were introduced, and that was very sweet. But a lot of these Oilers jersey folks brought hell with them this week and made things pretty difficult for everyone.

I can second these Alberta wrestling experiences as an escaped Calgarian. Completely unnecessary and unwelcome behaviour. Sad for her and those involved.

I will say this: based on what I am, I would be on edge and uncomfortable the entire time. Because of how I look, I’m going to stand out in AEW’s male-skewing audience and people will look. Inevitably, and because of how I look, Someone is eventually going to try to talk to me, which might require some diffusing on my end before things escalate because, honestly, some people just aren’t comfortable with people like me and feel like your misleading them. It sounds weird, because it is and it’s an awful place to be, especially when you didn’t start the conversation. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I would have a hard time going to an AEW show and don’t want to sit outside or leave because I’m uncomfortable when I’ve paid to go. But this goes for a lot things, not just wrestling.

Edit; but more so with wrestling, which I would be going to alone.


This has been discussed before on here, the reason why this is more apparent at AEW shows is the demo. AEW has many fans in their 20’s while WWE has more families at their shows. It’s not that AEW fans are “bad people”, they just tend to fall into the demo that is more likely to do crap like this.


Yeah it’s just too bad that it’s still not yet as simple as just going out to a show and expecting people to leave you alone.

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Lots of beers passed around too especially with the Oilers. It’s horrific.

Edmonton is definitely more blue collar a town and add in Oilers excitement and you can see it getting rowdier than usual

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My cousin went to a rangers game once, she wore a penguins jersey. Some guy called her a whore for wearing the jersey. And she was not the type of fan who was rubbing anything in anyone’s face (not that it would be ok if she was), she was simply quietly walking to her seats. Sports fans + alcohol = idiots.


I might not feel comfortable at the show, but it’s Will Ospreay. I literally just bought this because of Will Ospreay. I said he was must see, didn’t I?


Taking a stand against objectifying female wrestlers!

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Outstanding timing. :woman_facepalming:

Don’t mind me, I’m just here to join in on burying Alberta. I was born here in Fort McMurray too, despite being Andrew from Cape Breton. My parents moved after 6 months of my birth. Anyway, so many people refused the COVID-19 vaccine. Suncor was actually giving out shots too, and I got my second shot at main admin at Base Plant, but people were refusing. What they had to do was, every three days they had to get a PCR test that they had to pay for themselves, and they consistently did it instead of getting the free vaccine. If people didn’t do that, they would basically lose their jobs. I know one guy who was pissed in a safety meeting and I actually brought up bringing someone in to try to explain the vaccine but that got shot down. They probably didn’t want the drama.

I’ve also heard some horror stories from women co-workers throughout the years, which could end up being a whole thread in itself. One story was this guy was staring and gawking at a friend of mine at work, and just wouldn’t stop when asked. She was bigger then him too so she just lost her mind on this guy, threatened him and everything until he apologized.