Smackdown 1000 ep this YR

October 23

I really Hope
will be on it
John brought this up on rewind a raw last night.

I remember they made the show just for him

Getting the all the wwf/wwe Smackdown games as a kid played them for hours and hours.

I really hope rock is on show

If Rock is on SD1000, hopefully they can get some of the other guys associated with that show.


Rey Mysterio
JBL (as JBL not APA)
Big Show (most SD matches of all time)

they shouldn’t overdo it like the did for RAW25, just sprinkle fewer guys throughout the show in more meaningful slots

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If they haven’t booked Rocky for this already then I don’t see them getting him for anything more than a video message filmed on his phone. I have no doubt that Edge, Rey, Show and JBL will be happy to do this but they’ve shown themselves to be tone-deaf to Batista’s mainstream appeal so they’ll almost certainly fumble that one.