SmackDown hits its lowest level since going live in 2016

That’s the thing, it’s only basically been WWE for 20 years. Now more options are popping up. So don’t worry I’m sure many people will move over to AEW. Then you can watch WWE in peace.

The fuck are you talking about? There was Impact, ROH, All Japan, then NOAH, and NewJapan, AAAaround pumping out content for the majority of those 20 years.

Don’t blame theWWE because you thought they were the only game in town…blame yourself for being so narrow minded.

For the North American market, WWE has had very little competition. AEW is going to provide that.

Yeah TNA surely wasn’t there at all.

Not to the same level. The biggest crowd they ever drew was like 7,000.

Could’ve been if people actually supported them instead of thinking “WWE was the only game in town”.

And continued to hate watch and be the only pro wrestling they ever discussed.

Right. It’s the fans fault, blah blah.

I guess we will all just support AEW now. Cool. End of story. Nice chatting

Not seeking competition when you’re not satisfied with what you are currently buying is on the consumer.

Plain and simple.

But whatever, enjoy your hate watching…

Cant we all just get along?

You new to forums? You’re supposed to take great offense to anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion and hide behind your right to an opinion while trying to quell others from expressing theirs.

Oh I do take great offense at many things that happen. I just tell my self “Move along, nothing to see here.”

I pray he isn’t. That’d be very concerning.