Smackdown Live 2-26 discussion

Not the feedback thread

Wow we’re getting KofiMania after all


Hardy Boyz are back?

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This show is fucking excellent so far. If only Truth would lose the U.S title now.

Don’t you be badmouthing the Sheriff of SmackDown!

The American Truth ALL THE WAY!

It has been a great episode of Smackdown so far, one quick question.
Did you notice the most recent call ups Black and Ricochet still come out to NXT nameplates, is that just an oversite or because they are pulling double duty? Or just hasn’t been changed yet?

Just found it odd if they have been officially called up.

Also does this pretty much mean were going to get Kofi vs Bryan at Mania? and have Kofi and Becky get HUGE wrestlemania moments?


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