SmackDown Notes: Jey Uso appears, Jimmy Uso & Sami Zayn brawl, Dominik confronts Rey

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February 24, 2023

Ford Center – Evansville, IN

By: John Kleinchester

SmackDown started with a recap of Roman Reigns defeating Sami Zayn last Saturday at Elimination Chamber and Sami and Kevin Owen’s in-ring promo from this past Monday on Raw in Ottawa. Kayla Braxton caught Jimmy Uso coming into the arena and he said that he tried to communicate with Jey but hadn’t heard back. He said he would meet him in the middle of the ring tonight and he could get whatever he needed off his chest.

Will Jey @WWEUsos break his silence and show up on #SmackDown later tonight? 👀

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023

Next up we had Braun Strowman, Ricochet, and Madcap Moss taking on all three members of Imperium. During the match, Drew McIntyre wandered out to the entranceway to spectate. Gunther picked up the win with a powerbomb on Moss. Afterward, Gunther held his Intercontinental title towards McIntyre who started removing his jacket only to be jumped by The Viking Raiders. This led to Sheamus running out to help only to be beaten down. Finally, Strowman and Ricochet joined in to take out the Raiders, leaving the four faces standing tall in the ring together.

The #VikingRaiders picked a fight with the wrong group tonight! @DMcIntyreWWE @WWESheamus @KingRicochet #BraunStrowman#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023

Backstage Rey Mysterio was interviewed. Rey started saying he was going to take out Karrion Kross tonight but was swiftly interrupted by Santos Escobar. Escobar told Mysterio that he respected him and Rey said it was mutual. The pair were then interrupted by Dominik and Rhea Ripley. Escobar offered to teach Dominik some respect, to which Dominik replied “you know, in prison, those that didn’t back up what they said got dealt with”. Dominik wished Rey luck in his match tonight. 

Next, we found Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa in The Bloodline’s locker room. Jimmy said things have been different since Montreal. Paul Heyman suggested that Solo stays with him in the locker room and Jimmy could handle Jey face-to-face.

LA Knight was out next for an in-ring promo where he said that you couldn’t have an L.A. Wrestlemania without LA Knight. The New Day interrupted saying that LA Knight had only been on the roster for two and half months (?) and shouldn’t be demanding anything right now. Knight asked Kofi how “that whole KofiMania thing” worked out for him. Kofi challenged Knight to a match on the spot. Kofi won after a long match thanks to a distraction from Xavier Woods and his trombone.

Charlotte Flair was out next to have an in-ring confrontation with Rhea Ripley. Dominik came out instead and said they both know what it’s like to be compared to their fathers and even surpass them. Dom then said that Rey was an “afterthought of a father” and it messed him up and when Rhea beats Charlotte at Wrestlemania, it’ll prove that Ric Flair was right – Charlotte just isn’t good enough. Rhea then came out and got into Charlotte’s face but Dominik pulled her back and that was it for the segment. 

.@DomMysterio35 is feeling awfully bold tonight as he confronts @RheaRipley_WWE's #WrestleMania opponent, the #SmackDown Women's Champion @MsCharlotteWWE 👀#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023

Next, Michael Cole noted that Shayna Baszler and Natalya had been going back and forth on social media, leading to a match between the two tonight. A video from earlier in the day was shown where Adam Pearce medically cleared Natalya after her being banged up after Elimination Chamber. Also of note in this video was Tegan Nox overhearing Natalya’s situation and offering to back her up in her match tonight. Shayna Baszler came out to the ring to “Bad Reputation” aka Ronda Rousey’s theme song and was accompanied by Rousey. Baszler defeated Natalya in under three minutes with an armbar. After the match, Baszler and Rousey were about to attack Natalya more when Tegan Nox made the save. Rousey started screaming that Nox was done next week before the segment ended.

.@NatbyNature has been waiting all week to get her hands on @QoSBaszler! 😤#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023

After the break, the Firefly Fun House returned. Before anyone appeared on set, everything turned red and the TV in the funhouse showed someone playing with two Undertaker toys with them wrestling each other. Then we smash cut to Bray watching and laughing at his promo calling out the winner of the Bobby Lashley/Brock Lesnar match on a monitor. Then we got a “Fun House News” where Bray asked, “who opened the door?” Next Uncle Howdy did a 5-second nonsensical weather segment. From there it was a game show called “Can You Keep a Secret!?” which devolved into all sorts of dark imagery coming through the Fun House door before Uncle Howdy appeared and in a regular voice said, “if I told you a story, could you keep a secret?”.

Can you keep a secret? 🤫

Well, can you?#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023

Next, we were back to Jimmy, Solo, and Heyman in the locker room. Heyman said he got a text from Roman Reigns saying that he will be live at SmackDown next week and that Jimmy will handle Jey tonight or Roman will handle him personally next week.

The Rey Mysterio / Karrion Kross rematch was next on the docket. At the end of the match, Rey had Kross set up for the 619 but Scarlett climbed up onto the ropes. Rey hit the ropes for the 619 causing Scarlett to crash and burn into the ring. Rey stopped and went for a second attempt except for this time the referee was dealing with Scarlett allowing Dominik to appear out of nowhere and block the 619. Dominik begged Rey to hit him but he wouldn’t oblige and climbed back into the ring, only to be locked into the Kross Jacket giving Kross the win. After the match, Dominik shoved and pie-faced Rey begging him again to hit him. Rey finally got in his face but ultimately left the ring. 

INCREDIBLE restraint shown by @reymysterio tonight… 😳@DomMysterio35 just keeps making things worse between him and his father. #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023

Jimmy Uso came to the ring and said he guessed that Jey wasn’t there so he started talking directly to him through the camera saying that he couldn’t do all of this alone. Sami Zayn then appeared through the crowd and confronted Jimmy saying he wasn’t there to fight but just to talk. Sami said that Jimmy was the one that saw value in him before anyone else in The Bloodline. Sami said it hurt when Jimmy didn’t hesitate to attack him at the Royal Rumble. Jimmy called Sami selfish saying that he was the one that made the choice and that family doesn’t betray you. Sami retorted saying that family doesn’t test your loyalty and doesn’t make you jump through hoops every week. Jey Uso then appeared at the top of the crowd. Sami continued on saying that there was an out for Jimmy but Jimmy took that opportunity to cheap shot Sami and started beating him down. Jimmy then looked at Jey who had made his way down to ringside allowing Sami to hit the Helluva Kick on Jimmy. Solo Sikoa then ran out and chased Sami off into the crowd but first had a brief staredown with Jey.

Jimmy @WWEUsos making it crystal clear to @SamiZayn that he doesn't want out of #TheBloodline.

Where does Jey stand? 👀#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2023


Announced for SmackDown Next Week in Washington, D.C.:

  • Roman Reigns Returns
  • Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley
  • Natalya & Tegan Nox vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Imperium over Braun Strowman, Ricochet, and Madcap Moss in 1o:48
  • Kofi Kingston over LA Knight in 16:24 (estimated – bell rang during the commercial)
  • Shayna Baszler over Natalya in 2:54
  • Karrion Kross over Rey Mysterio in 8:37