SmackDown Results: Orton Signs with SmackDown, Punk to Appear Next Week

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December 1, 2023

Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY

By: John Kleinchester


“I Guess WarGames Didn’t Settle Anything”

This week’s edition of SmackDown kicked off with Bianca Belair coming down to the ring celebrating her team’s win last week at Survivor Series: War Games. Belair said that her war with Damage CTRL isn’t over and she wants her title back from IYO Sky. Suddenly, IYO’s music hit and Damage CTRL minus Bayley came out. Dakota Kai said that if Belair wanted another title shot, she would have to go through all of them. That brought out Charlotte Flair and Shotzi who said there’s enough Damage CTRL to go around. With that, a brawl ensued with Michael Cole stating “I guess WarGames didn’t settle anything” as the faces fought off the heels. Later it was announced that Belair would face Kairi Sane later tonight. 

"I want my title back!"@BiancaBelairWWE #SmackDown

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) December 2, 2023

Backstage, Bayley complained to the other four members that no one told her they were going out there. Dakota Kai said that Kairi would love Bayley’s help tonight and Kairi replied in Japanese and smirked. 

Should we be worried about the future of #DamageCTRL? 👀#SmackDown

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) December 2, 2023

Solo Fight Night

Next up was Butch taking on Bobby Lashley after Ridge Holland bailed on him last week. Before the match, a backstage interaction between the two from last week was shown with Lashley telling Butch to “Make a name for himself” with Sheamus and Ridge gone. Before the match, Bobby said he didn’t mean for Butch to make a name for himself against him, as he would break Butch. This led to Butch slapping Bobby as the match began. Lashley dominated much of the match with the Brooklyn crowd soundly behind him. Butch mounted a comeback but was ultimately downed with the spear.

OH MY!@fightbobby #SmackDown

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) December 2, 2023

Orton / Bloodline TRADE?

Paul Heyman approached GM Nick Aldis in his office and asked why he announced Aldis to SmackDown tonight. Aldis said that he intended to sign Orton to a SmackDown exclusive contract tonight. Heyman asked if Reigns knew about it to which Aldis responded by saying that he gets countless memos saying that all communication for Roman must go through Heyman and that he would trade the entire Bloodline if that’s what it would take (not a great draft strategy putting that on live TV, but okay). Heyman responded by saying that he would do anything it took to stop the trade.

The GM of #SmackDown @RealNickAldis intends to sign @RandyOrton TONIGHT!@HeymanHustle

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) December 2, 2023

Later, Adam Pearce appeared and said that he would be in the ring to try to sign Orton exclusively to Raw. 

Will it be #WWERaw or #SmackDown for @RandyOrton?

We'll find out… TONIGHT?! @RealNickAldis @ScrapDaddyAP

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

Butch / Pretty Deadly

Backstage, Kayla asked Butch why Ridge walked out on him last week. Pretty Deadly interrupted and the three brawled. Pretty Deadly gained the advantage and screamed that Butch would always be alone.

Santos vs Joaquin

Santos Escobar was interviewed and said that Wilde & Del Toro were blinded by Rey Mysterio and that Rey would turn his back on them just like what happened to him. Escobar picked up the win in just over four minutes and then after the bell continued the assault on Wilde. This led Dragon Lee to run out and make the save. Lee fought Santos off and checked on Joaquin Wilde.

.@dragonlee95 has a message of his own for @EscobarWWE!#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

Yet Another Wrestling Tournament

Logan Paul was out next and cut a promo saying the United States title has been on “his junk” just like everyone has been since he got here. Paul said that he spoke with Nick Aldis and next week a tournament of 8 Superstars would begin with the winner getting a shot at him and his US title. Logan announced the participants: Santos Escobar, Dragon Lee, Karrion Kross, “an NXT Superstar”, Bobby Lashley, Grayson Waller, Austin Theory, and Kevin Owens.

Who will earn a shot at @LoganPaul's #USTitle?#SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

Owens’ music hit and he said that Logan Paul in his ring was a nightmare but with him in the tournament his nightmare is coming to an end. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory then interrupted calling Owens a troll and the three heels surrounded KO. Owens responded by punching Theory and then jaw-jacking off-mic with Logan Paul. 

Sorry, @_Theory1, @FightOwensFight's days of punching people in the face are NOT over. 💥#SmackDown @LoganPaul @GraysonWWE

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

After the commercial break, the announced match of Kevin Owens vs. Grayson Waller began with Logan Paul on commentary and Austin Theory ringside getting involved damaging Owens’ hand with the steps. Owens spent the rest of the match selling this hand injury doing his moves one-handed. KO picked up the win with a one-handed roll-up.

CM Punk Returns to SmackDown… Next Week

A recap of CM Punk’s return at Survivor Series and the follow-up on Raw was shown. It was then revealed that CM Punk would appear on next week’s SmackDown Tribute to the Troops from Providence, RI.

NEXT WEEK!#SmackDown @CMPunk

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

Main Event: Bianca Belair vs. Kairi Sane

Before the main event, despite what was promised earlier, IYO Sky commanded Bayley to stay backstage as Damage CTRL went to the ring. 

"You stay here tonight!" 😳#SmackDown #DamageCTRL

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

During the match, Charlotte got involved and her and Shotzi got sent to the back. Then Asuka got into the ring and that caused all of Damage CTRL to get kicked out by the ref as well. At one point, Bayley appeared and attempted to help Kairi but ultimately led to Belair hitting the KOD on Sane for the win. 

That's not how @itsBayleyWWE wanted that to go… #DamageCTRL#SmackDown @BiancaBelairWWE

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

Other Main Event: Where Will Randy Sign?

Nick Aldis (and Adam Pearce) welcomed Randy Orton to SmackDown to a huge reaction from the Brooklyn crowd. Aldis and Pearce talked over each other trying to convince Orton to sign. Pearce offered the winner of Rollins/Uso for the Heavyweight Championship. Aldis said he could give him “the guys that took him out”. Paul Heyman interrupted with phone in hand and said that The Bloodline is going to make his decision for him. This brought out Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa and the three brawled until LA Knight came out and evened out the odds.

🗣️ YEAH!#SmackDown @RealLAKnight @RandyOrton

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023

Knight fought Solo off which allowed for Orton to hit the draping DDT and RKO on Jimmy. Orton then called for both Raw and SmackDown contracts with Heyman screaming he would be safe on Raw. Orton threw away the Raw contract and signed the SmackDown contract and said that Heyman could tell Roman Reigns that “Daddy’s Back”. He then hit Nick Aldis with an RKO to put the exclamation point on the segment, ending the show.

Lesson learned, @RealNickAldis… 🐍#SmackDown #OUTTANOWHERE @RandyOrton

— WWE (@WWE) December 2, 2023


Announced for Tribute to the Troops Next Friday in Providence, RI:

  • CM Punk Returns 
  • US Championship Tournament: Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar
  • US Championship Tournament: Bobby Lashley vs. Karrion Kross
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Bobby Lashley over Butch in 8:07
  • Santos Escobar over Joaquin Wilde in 4:02
  • Kevin Owens over Grayson Waller in 10:50
  • Bianca Belair over Kairi Sane in 10:27

“So, we’re having a tournament, but it’s basically just advertising for Owens vs. Logan Paul at the Rumble.”

Not even saying that it’s bad booking, but look at that tournament field. Who else would they put in the ring with Logan Paul?

I agree with you. Maybe dragon Lee to “avenge” to get revenge for Rey like he did with Santos, but the other 6 would make no sense. It’s clearly going to be Owens.