So Many Questions?

I have so many questions or ideas of what WWE could do in these unique times maybe can get a discussion on some. No need to discus all only whatever (dis) interests you. Feel free to add your own,

  1. Should WWE move mania and have a reg ppv take April spot in the PC?
  2. Should WWE make the network free for a week/month for everyone no sign in required anyone can go click on a vid and watch? (note for good will as people self isolate.)
  3. Should WWE sell Mania 36 to Fox/FS1 or ESPN etc have it simulcast live since sporting channels hungry for content?
  4. Should WWE Sell Best of series to FS1 ESPN etc? have a 1 to 2 hour block best of Austin/Rock/Cena/Hell in a Cell/Rumble etc? with the idea to promote network and sports channel get content.
  5. Make the above best of episodes for Raw’s, NXT and Smackdowns for the time being?
  6. shut down?
  7. Buy video libraries only (not the company) or license them like ROH TNA etc? for purpose of getting self isolated lapsed fans back to the network.
  8. Make Mania 36 be cinematic like a film and release it on April 5? film and edit it at PC for next 3 weeks

Point 8 is the one I’ve been thinking about. They can mitigate spoilers given it’s a closed set - so they should watch Final Deletion, watch some Lucha Underground, film their matches before the Sunday, and do something really creative and memorable.

The alternative is that we get a boring 7 hour show that people will skim matches on, and that no one will ever watch again.

They won’t do this cos they’re lazy. But I’m already bored of these empty arena shows.

They should be doing point 8 for everything new content. This is the creativity the company lacks because the head of the snake is a 70+ year old man who doesn’t want new


That could be a really cool idea.
Making it cinematic and maybe reducing the cost for month to encourage more people to watch it - why not.
It will be better then the PC and it’s different

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Love idea 8. I don’t watch WWE, but I think there could be some very creative ideas from many people within the company who typically don’t get the opportunity to express their creativity on screen.

They should do a best of WWE/WWF instead of doing those RAW and Smackdowns at the PC.

They should do idea 8 but won’t because the creative direction in WWE is non-existent.