So,SCU have made it clear they are number 1 ranked and next in line for a shot at the Young Bucks

May 12th let’s have a 4way to determine the next challengers to the Young Bucks?!?!!

I believe that SCU have been ranked number 1 for a few weeks now. So you might as well ask why the Young Bucks have been wrestling these other teams in “eliminator” matches.

AEW hasn’t done a good job describing what is meant by adding “eliminator” to the name of the matches.

I presume it is because any number 1 contender is not guaranteed they will have the next championship match.

While it may seem a bit odd, it is true that in combat sports a number 1 contender is not necessarily on the next card for the champion.

The utilization of their Ranking system is questionable, to say the least.

Well, they did promise a sports like presentation. So they ignore the rankings, just like the UFC.

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When I hear “sports” the last thing I think is UFC.

Though, to be fair, their rating system is more like the gymnastics rating system.

I hope they lose because Scorpio Sky; I want to see Mox/Kingston vs. Bucks for the tag titles.