So,who has Game stop shares then

I can’t believe people are still buying GME, AMC, NOK, etc.

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I can’t believe people still watch 3 hour Raws


I hope you didn’t buy any.

And while meme stonks crumble, crypto soars! You love to see it. Or you hate to see it. Depending which side you’re on.

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What are the possibilities of buying a slim PS2 in Game Stop?

I don’t want a PS3, PS4, or even a PS5 in the near future; just a PS2.

Practising on how to solder a mod chip to the system.

Game Stop, no idea, but last year I did buy a PS2 Slim for $100 CAD (plus S+H) on Amazon.

Which part of Canada do you hail from, @TAnthonyAuld?

If you say Mississauga, you got ripped. I happen to live near a local mall (for this description, a more local mall, but I do live near Square One), but the price is $100 plus 13% tax, so it averages to $112.

The reason I’m asking is that Square One does house a Game Stop or EB, I’m not sure. Right now, I’m digging for alternatives when the local mall is on curbside pickup mode.

I said S+H, but I should have said taxes as I had Amazon Prime at the time of that purchase, so it did came to a final total was $109. Still. I don’t regret it.

Sadly. I am currently in Southern Ontario’s butthole that is Brampton.

If you bought it from a local video game store, you wouldn’t have to wait to get the system.

But do what you want, say what you want, and feel what you want. I am not your mother.

EDIT: For future reference, you can come here if things in the Peel Region isn’t as bad:

Hope this helps.