Sonny Kiss learned AEW contract would not be renewed in late August, would 'beg' to go to TV to avoid complacency

Originally published at Sonny Kiss learned AEW contract would not be renewed in late August, would 'beg' to go to TV to avoid complacency

Sonny Kiss further speaks abouther departure from AEW. 

Dating back to 2019, Sonny Kiss had been part of AEW as a full-time roster member. For a good portion of Kiss’ time with the company, she would regularly be featured on Dark and Dark: Elevation and would get to compete on television sporadically. 

Her time with the company came to an end as AEW opted not to renew her deal. Kiss touched on the next chapter of her career while speaking to Dave LaGreca, Mickie James and Tommy Dreamer on Busted Open Radio. She shared that it did hurt to go places and people constantly asking why she wasn’t on AEW TV. 

Sonny called the exit ‘heartbreaking’ and added that she worked hard to make sure that would not happen. 

Definitely a question a lot of people asked as well like, ‘Where is Sonny? Where is Sonny?’ But, I understand and it hurt to go places and that was the question asked. I’ll be in the supermarket or at training, wherever and everyone’s just like, ‘We don’t see you.’ But, how I’m feeling, it’s like a heartbreak. It’s been a little rough because this is everything I wanted to do. It’s a dream and I work so very hard. I work tirelessly for this not to happen. Dustin Rhodes… he’s a trainer for all the women at AEW and every single time I got sent to TV, I was there hours, hours before doors opened. I worked my ass off every single week to make sure that this didn’t happen so yeah, it’s heartbreaking, 100 percent.

Sonny received the call about her deal not being renewed in the last week of August. She stated that she would ‘beg’ to come to TV at times just to continue putting in the work before shows and to avoid complacency. 

So I got the call the last week of August and honestly, it took a long time for it to settle in. It took a long time because I just was in shock. I wasn’t expecting it, and obviously for the longest time throughout the past couple of years of there not being any creative for me, I’ve thought about (it). I thought about everything, like why? What am I doing wrong? And I would beg sometimes to go to TV to like, ‘Can I go just to train with Dustin please? Just something,’ because I just wanted to work. I never was just resting on my laurels, I never was just okay with not doing anything. I never was okay with that. So yeah, when I got the call, I was very shocked, very shocked.

Towards the backend of Kiss’ time in AEW, she was a part of The Trustbusters with Ari Daivari, Slim J, Parker Boudreaux and V.S.K. (Jeeves Kay). That was a venture she was excited about, but felt that in general, she did not get to show that creativity and growth in the company. 

The whole Trustbusters thing happened and I turned heel for the first time ever. That wasn’t even in AEW but in my entire career, I’ve never been a heel before so that was very, very new. I was very, very excited for that too. But yeah, I just wasn’t able to show the creativity and the growth because I wasn’t given the opportunity to do so. So, it was rough.

Kiss is scheduled to be in action for House of Glory on September 15th and is set to be a part of Black Label Pro’s Turbo Graps tournament this month. 

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