Sonny Kiss replaces Joey Janela against Kenny Omega on AEW Dynamite

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AEW had confirmed that Joey Janela will be replaced on tonight’s episode of Dynamite as a precaution due to a match Janela took part in this past weekend.

Earlier in the day, independent wrestler AJ Gray revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19. This past Saturday, Gray wrestled Janela at Game Changer Wrestling’s “The Last Resort” event in California.

AEW and Joey Janela learned today that he had exposure to a known COVID-19 positive person at an independent show. For that reason we are pulling him until such time as he is cleared to return consistent with our protocols.

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) October 21, 2020

AEW has stated that Janela will be replaced by Sonny Kiss in the Title Eliminator tournament that begins tonight as Kiss will take on Kenny Omega in the opening round.

Gray stated he tested negative three times after taking part in The Collective the previous weekend until learning of the positive result from this recent test that he said he took this past Monday.

Here we go again…. it wasn’t known cause I wasn’t positive until the test I took MONDAY….

— Aj Gray (@RichHomieJuice) October 21, 2020

Amazing. Cannot wait not to watch that trash/car crash.

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C’mon…you gotta admit now that it was pretty awesome. Kenny destroyed him. I was fearing 50/50 booking.

I haven’t actually see the match yet, did Sonny at least come off looking ok? Or was he completely jobbed out?

He lost in 10 seconds and it was phenominal. The best Kenny has been in AEW so far, in my opinion.

I guess good for Kenny, not good for Sonny. That’s too bad their jobbing Sonny out like that.

On the flip side, I’m happy to see Kenny finally being presented as a star.

It was exactly what was needed. I was saying to myself during the Wardlow/JungleBoy match, that they need to cut down on the 50/50 shit in every match. I thought Jungle Boy got way too much offense on Wardlow. I was expecting another close match between Kiss/Omega. I even thought Kiss might win, after Kenny had such a spectacle for his entrance.

I think they could have done a similar squash with Hangman over Colt. I think Colt got too much in that match.

I’ll never know so I’ll take your word for it.

Yeah, too bad they jobbed out a jobber.

I think it was great. First Kenny seems to take it slow and then right away the v trigger in the face and then the OWA 1-2-3 done. Reminded me of this MMA movie where that one guy beats the first opponent of the tournament in seconds.

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I’m very aware of your thoughts on Sonny, no need to repeat them every time he’s brought up as it will just lead to the same conversations over and over and over again.


Its not 50/50 or 10 second squash match, there is an in between as well. Personally would have liked Kiss to get a bit more in, but we’ll see how it plays out.

Well why on earth would you make such a nonsensical statement? He’s never going to be a draw, so if they have any chance of getting Kenny over with anyone other than the hardcore base who are the only ones tuning in week in and week out (and I don’t think that is likely), they need to book him strong. Not book him like a pussy who is anywhere close to the same level as a jobber. What would they gain from booking it the way you are suggesting?

Is the concept of booking someone to get over really that hard to understand?

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What’s nonsensical about my statement? Are you denying that every time Sonny Kiss is brought up you say the same things?

EVERYONE on this board is aware that you dont care for Sonny Kiss. Why do you even want to have the same conversations over and over again. If you don’t like him, why watch him let alone talk about him? Its not like he’s the face of AEW and you can’t get away from him. If you watch dynamite, fast forward through his matches, and for those that do enjoy him, let them. Why do you try so hard to prove that what they like is “wrong”.


I’ve already stated what is nonsensical. What don’t you understand?

You failed to explain what they would gain from booking it the way you are suggesting?

And, as I have stated multiple times, I stopped watching Dynamite as I think it’s shit.

The post you replied to and called “nonsensical” was this:

This lead me to believe that you had issue with me saying its pointless to have the same debate over and over again. If you were saying that my issues with Kiss being jobbed were nonsensical you should have replied to the appropriate post.

You dont need to come at me so hot about this topic, if you dont watch AEW I dont see why you even care.

I dont think I need to explain to you why getting jobbed out in 10 seconds is a bad thing, you clearly get it, you just dont care in this case because you believe Kiss has no value. Am I wrong?

You ask me to provide you with points, but why? I know that the basis of your argument is that you believe Kiss is a shitty wrestler and that Kiss is not believable. Why would I debate you on this topic when I have already seen your responses to what I would say anyways. When he was booked against Cody you were ranting against Kiss for days.

I dont feel like recycling a debate with you that you have already had, but you asked so I will answer one time. In wresting I believe that you need a wide variety of characters, and its important that these characters are different and bring something different to the table. I don’t want to see everyone act like the Rock, I dont want to see everyone act like Stone Cold or Bruiser Brody etc. It gets old quick. Kiss brings something different, and is growing as a performer.

Secondly, Kiss did some very good work for Greektown wrestling in Toronto, and even though I don’t live in Toronto (I live very close) its cool to see someone who wrestled locally succeed. I find Kiss entertaining, and want to see Kiss slowly pushed up the card. I don’t like seeing wrestlers I see potential in getting squashed in 10 seconds.

Again, I’m not upset that you don’t like Kiss, you are entitled to your opinion. What I don’t get is why you get so upset that others do.

Here, I will save you the trouble in responding:

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This! Bdubz in in full troll mode again.


Bdubz is homophobic. :smiley:


I’m not going to go there as I haven’t seen anything homophobic said, and I don’t think its fair to just throw that at someone as its a very powerful accusation. With that said, I don’t get the constant criticism of Kiss.

No, I am shitwrestlerphobic. I couldn’t give a f@@k about an individual’s sex, race, sexual orientation or anything else.