Spanish announcer Willie Urbina released by AEW

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According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, AEW Spanish announcer Willie Urbina has been let go from the company.

Urbina was the subject of much controversy last night after his offensive comments towards Women’s champion Hikaru Shida were broadcast during a commercial break on’s international airing of AEW Dynamite. Urbina can be heard mocking Shida using a stereotypical Asian accent. Thunder Rosa and Dasha Kuret were also on the broadcast. A clip can be heard below:

Los comentaristas en español de @AEW se han burlado del acento japonés de @shidahikaru durante la pausa publicitaria previa a su segmento en #AEWDynamite.

Esto es inaceptable @TonyKhan.

Por favor, haced RT para que lo vea la gente.

— Miguel Uceda (@MigUceda) May 29, 2021

AEW has yet to officially comment on the release. Urbina is also a former Spanish commentator for IMPACT Wrestling.

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That is the right move and they acted pretty fast. I cannot comprehend how someone could do that in 2021.


That’s terrible. Anti Asian racism needs to stop. I can’t believe this shit.


I assume that maybe in his mind he was making a dumb joke. The problem with that is, aside from being horribly racist… It’s stupid hack shit that was gross, racist, and dumb 40 years ago.

Glad he’s gone. No place for that.


Completely unprofessional, glad he’s gone.


I’ve known Willie Urbina for about 6 years. He gave me my first interview 5 years ago. He’s always been very open and very nice. It was a screw-up. It shouldn’t be excused. He made a mistake, a very childish one, and paid for it.

Unfortunately, our culture in Puerto Rico is very crude and our mentality on comedy can be very juvenile. I mean, seriously, that sounded so damn dated, but being honest, I hear that shit on my streets regularly. He’s not racist, but was clearly tactless here. He’s worked for TNA, he did some Spanish language work for NJPW for a bit, he’s worked with international talent in WWC, IWA and WWL in Puerto Rico, but clearly showed the ignorance of where he grew up trying to have fun.

I don’t want people to think this should be excused. He was punished as he should. But at the same time, knowing him on a more personal level, I’d hate for him to be looked at so harshly for one very out of place and very out of time joke.


I dont find this hard to believe. When it comes to identifying people who are racist or sexual predators in the entertainment business, I’ve always subscribed to the notion that those that are the worst are usually wolves in sheep’s clothing (best example I can give is Bill Cosby). I think that those that truly hate, hide it publicly and most likely wouldn’t make a comment like that on live TV. A comment (or I guess I should say impression) like that IMO is likely more so due to immaturity and poor judgement, though there of course are exceptions.

Now I could be wrong, he could flat out be racist, but I think its more likely that he is stupid and immature. Can’t blame AEW for the move, something like that cannot be tolerated in 2021.