***SPOILER For AEW Segment August 5th***

The moderator for Orange Cassidy/Chris Jericho will be… Eric Bischoff

AEW love going to the nostalgia well. It’s just that the massive stars haven’t been interested so they go to ones from a lower tier.

Which “massive stars” have they asked?

Dude, really?

Big Show vs Randy Orton, Edge vs Randy Orton, Ric Flair, MVP, Dolph Ziggler… should I dug deeper?


If AEW really wanted to pop a rating they’d have all the legends do something entertaining, like a dance-off. #goodshit

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Congrats on your job with AEW management, bro.

Since you know which massive stars they’ve been speaking to, maybe you could drop us a few spoilers? Don’t worry, we won’t tell Tony Khan on you.

I don’t see why this is an issue? Bringing back stars of the past for a one off is perfectly fine IMO.

I do find it weird though that when AEW is critisized, the knee jerk reaction is to bring up WWE being worse opposed to defending AEW.

In all honesty, if someone told you “I don’t care for Pepsi” would you ever say back “Coke’s garbage!!!

I think we should be able to praise/criticize WWE and AEW Independently of each other.


From something to be nostalgic it had to be good the first time around. So we can take Big Show vs Randy off that list right away. :grin:


Get what you are saying with most of those, but I really don’t think anyone sees Dolph Ziggler as a nostalgic act.

You’ll be amazed that there are people out there that are still waiting for his push.

Big Show vs Randy was never good. Ever.


Yes I believe the word they were searching for is “traumatic.”

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Sure, I get that. But I don’t think Dolph is categorized as a nostalgia act. Do people really believe that?

Man, you guys really are super sensitive with anything said against AEW… Pathetic. And the constant, moronic responses of “Yeah well WWE” is hilarious.

WWE do love nostalgia as well but they do it with bigger stars. And that’s not to say it’s good but it is better than AEW’s attempts. I have no issue with saying “fuck WWE” but it’s just funny how people’s biases and double standards work.

You can still call yourself an AEW fan without coming across as insanely hypocritical or insanely sensitive. Tribalism isn’t a good look. It’s just wrestling.

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Their knee jerk reactions are ridiculous but it’s expected. A desperate attempt to distract and call out for other members of the tribe to come and pat them on the back and say it’s all okay.

So predictable. Say something without presenting facts and then chalk up the reaction to “the snowflakes” when you’re asked to provide some.


For months, your entire MO around here appears to be dumping on anybody who defends AEW in any conversation.

You’re seriously one of the most annoying posters on the board, because you try and make it like you’ve demonstrated some important point, by pointing out when fans of something stand by the product they enjoy.

And for somebody who tries to act above it all, you sure spend a lot of time around here talking about those specific fans.


Please get it right, man. They aren’t just “fans”, they’re “AEW fans”. Because they obviously aren’t fans of any other wrestling.


This x100,000

We are dumb wrestling fans shit talking on the internet. There are going to be double standards and hypocrisy. The stakes are so low, who the fuck cares…

Also starting to wonder if he’s an alt account.


So you admit to double standards and hypocrisy but get bent out of shape when it’s pointed out?Hilarious.

I shit on AEW, I shit on WWE. You’ll join in with one but you’ll get offended by the other. Oh well, thankfully I’m not insecure enough to feel like I need to belong to the most vocal side of the forum.

So they’re not bringing in B list stars from the past for nostalgia? I just made that up? Okay. :joy: