SPOILER: NXT Championship match official for TakeOver 36

Originally published at SPOILER: NXT Championship match official for TakeOver 36

The NXT Championship match for TakeOver 36 is official.

Samoa Joe made his return to NXT in June and was positioned as the enforcer for William Regal. Since Joe’s return, he has had a number of run-ins and exchanges with NXT Champion Karrion Kross and after Kross ambushed Regal on the 7/20 episode of NXT, the two are now set to meet at TakeOver 36.

At the NXT tapings (courtesy of JJ Williams), there was an in-ring segment where Joe offered to resign as the enforcer to get a shot at Kross. William Regal wanted to fire Kross but opted to allow Joe to challenge Kross at TakeOver.

Samoa Joe’s last match was in February of 2020. Joe dealt with a series of concussion-related issues and made the transition to commentary. He was released from WWE this past April and was brought back two months later as a part of NXT.

The real question is if Joe could beat Jeff Hardy - aka the man who beat the undefeated NXT champion in 1:40

I’m glad to hear Joe has gotten cleared! This will definitely be an interesting match to watch.

Did Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy ever wrestle in TNA?

Ya, in 2013.

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