Spots that should disappear in 2019

We are in 2019 and there are 3 spots I can’t stand anymore:

When the wrestler idly waits for the guy to do his suicide dive (or any move with a longer set up) on him.

The freakin’ rear naked choke of death.

The set ups on the third rope for superplexes or towers of doom.

Basically I would like less waiting between the moves. All instances where I can clearly see one wrestler is helping the other pulling off a move are not helping to suspend my disbelief.

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So then also eliminate the vertical suplex which to me is always the biggest one of these.

What do you mean ? The standard one is fine.

Apron moves that don’t result in the finish.

chaining finishers.

power up spots

no selling counter strikes

opponents flipping on clotheslines/lariats


No selling finishing moves

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All suicide dives should be countered. 100% agree I’m done with those

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Battle royals that end with someone waiting on the outside and being one of the final competitors. Fucking spot happened three times in 24 hours Mania weekend.


Can’t like this one enough. Same spot in the women’s battle royal last mania too

Multi-man matches (including and ESPECIALLY battle royals) where usual “knockout” moves suddenly become “roll out of the ring” moves.

Also, anybody who exits the ring under his own power should be eliminated from a battle royal.


I do agree with all of these. Some are very archaic like the rear naked choke so that the babyface can make a comeback, spurred by the audience. It was ok in the 90’s for Hulk Hogan. Some are overused like the shoulder into the post.

I haven’t seen a back rake in forever

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The vertical suplex where one guy lifts the other one up in a suplex while the guy being lifted holds his body in a super straight rigid position while the other guy sits there for 30 seconds before dropping him to the ground? Similar to Goldbergs Jackhammer a lot of the time. You don’t get that one guy is aiding the other out of that situation? The snap suplex is fine, but the vertical suplex to me has always screamed one guy is aiding the other to pull the move off. Because a weary or fighting human won’t be holding essentially a plank to let the other guy destroy him into the mat. If it doesn’t bother then you are just picking and choosing spots you don’t like where the helping is obvious. I agree with things like the tower of doom because it is over done and often very stupid, but so many moves make it obvious that it is a choreographed battle not a real fight.

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Yes rules should change to require you to stay in the ring or have a certain amount of time outside before you get dq’d. I think during Royal Rumble I recall with the Iconics one refused to even enter because no rule says you must. So why would you ever go in until the end?

As for a slot I could see less of “chained” suplexes. Too many people do this these days it used to be a special thing, but now everyone and their brother hits a rolling German, or 3 amigos variation, and after years of Brock I could use a whole lot less of repeat Germans.

Totally agree with you there.

Rumble believably is really strained sometimes. Like when Kofi was walking on the pancakes outside of the ring. Why then, doesn’t a wrestler just attach some kind of plastic saucers to their boots so they are never eliminated.

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Overdone ones. 100% shoulder to the post in WWE. And I don’t wanna see a ring collapse again until Otis Dozovic is in the main event picture and they need a way to get out of a decision.

Although I did like when the Nexus destroyed the ring

Why not just ban the Irish whip then? This is the most unrealistic move in wrestling. I’ve at least never met a human being in real life that has such strength that they can whip their opponent like that.

I’m with you on the first, but I still like the rear naked choke and suplexes/towers of doom.

What I’d like to see go away are:

  • Hot tags that aren’t hot tags
  • Not tagging your partner’s hand, but slapping his/her shoulder
  • Flippy-dos that look impressive but not painful to the opponent at all
  • Guys bending their knees and jumping while someone is giving them a back suplex
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