Stacy Keibler confirmed for WWE Hall of Fame

Originally published at Stacy Keibler confirmed for WWE Hall of Fame

Stacy Keibler has been confirmed for the WWE’s Hall of Fame class.

PEOPLE was the outlet to make the official announcement, which first reported.

Prior to professional wrestling, Keibler was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens and has several small acting roles. She can be in the crowd at several WCW events including the Starrcade event in December 1998.

The following year, she entered a Nitro Girl contest and won a contract with WCW at the age of 20 to become part of the dance troupe.

She was quickly changed to the on-screen character “Miss Hancock” and was paired with Lenny Lane and Brad “Lodi” Cain.

During this period when Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara were running creative, she was a heavily sexualized character that wore suggestive business suits, performed table dances, and emphasized her legs.

She was further involved in storylines in 2000 under her real name and included an on and off-screen relationship with David Flair that led to a wedding on Nitro where Keibler walked out on Flair. The plan was to reveal that Keibler was pregnant, but that Ric Flair was the father, but they never got to the reveal. Instead, they explained the pregnancy angle with Keibler bringing out a baby carriage that contained an 8×10 photo of Shawn Stasiak and she was paired with him.

After WCW was purchased, Keibler was brought into the WWF and immediately pushed alongside Torrie Wilson and would participate in countless bikini, bra & panties, and mud matches along with as many spin-offs as they could come up with to present them in as little clothing as possible during this era.

During her WWE tenure, she was linked with The Dudley Boyz, Scott Steiner, Test, Randy Orton, The Hurricane, and Rosey.

She was part of a segment at WrestleMania 19 with Wilson against the Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls. In 2004, she teamed with Jackie Gayda against Wilson & Sable in a Playboy Evening Gown Match at WrestleMania 20 after Wilson & Sable posed together in the magazine.

Keibler ventured outside of WWE, performing on Dancing with the Stars, which received minimal promotion from WWE, and they went their separate ways in 2006.

Keibler married Jared Pobre in the fall of 2013 and the two have three children.

Keibler joins Rey Mysterio, The Great Muta, and Andy Kaufman in this year’s class. The ceremony takes place this Friday night in Los Angeles.

Congrats to Stacy!!

I just realized it’s a very WCW WWE Hall of Fame this year


Good point, though both Rey and Stacy spent more time in WWE than they did in WCW. Staples of the early 00s Ruthless Aggression Era.

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The only person to own “WCW“ (in some iteration) longer than Vince McMahon was Jim Crockett Senior. Which is a pretty wild thought.

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