Stallion Rogers further addresses past transphobic comment

Originally published at Stallion Rogers further addresses past transphobic comment

Rogers feels he owned up to his mistakes and did not try to run from it. 

In the fall of 2021, a comment that Stallion Rogers f.k.a. Curt Stallion made on a podcast resurfaced. Stallion would go on to apologize for the transphobic remark. On the podcast, he said, “The only people that give me sh*t on the internet are purple-haired chicks that call themselves dudes.”

He further dove into that while on episode #74 of a Café De René livestream. Rogers said he feels bad about what he said and shared that his sister, who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community, told him that whatever had he coming his way, he brought it on himself with the comment he made. 

Rogers said he got in contact with some in the transgender community to get a better understanding of how his words affected them. He stated that he did not blame his friends in wrestling for distancing themselves because they could have been attached to him. Present day, he said the line of communication between him and those friends are opening back up. 

It was about a week later I think, maybe two weeks later after that (AEW Dark appearances), I got in trouble because a podcast of mine from 2018 came out where I made a transphobic comment and I lost all my bookings for like a f*cking year and it sucked… The (Twitter), yeah dude, straight the f*ck up. In 2018, I was on a podcast and a dude asked me if I ever got sh*t on the internet or heat or anything and we can talk about this too if you want, (Michael) Elgin was my f*cking trainer coming up and Elgin was always in f*cking trouble bro. Constant just scrutiny because he makes a lot of f*cking mistakes dude and he’s not good at accountability nor f*cking accepting responsibility. Regardless, that’s another f*cking topic so I’m automatically just branded ‘Elgin’ on my forehead by a certain community of people that just don’t want anything to do with him and I’m under him so I fell under that shadow and I said to the dude when he asked me that question, I said, ‘The only people that give me sh*t on the internet are purple-haired chicks that call themselves dudes.’ I f*cked up dude. I literally hardcore f*cked up. Should’ve never f*cking said that. I felt like a Goddamn asshole after the fact and my sister, I’m not gonna be one of those dudes like, I’ve got f*cking so and so friends. My sister’s gay as f*ck and she f*cking grilled me dude. She’s like, ‘Anything that f*cking comes to you, you just gotta accept that sh*t because you did it to yourself’ and I’m like, ‘I did…’ Dude, she’ll tell you. She’s literally G.A.F. It’s like, hell yeah girl. 

I literally f*cking did — I wouldn’t say outreaches but I’ve made trans friends since then and had personal one-on-one conversations and wanted to know how my words affected them so I could actually feel the impact of it rather than just a blanket f*cking I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have f*cking said that. I owned it, you know what I mean? I did the opposite of what I thought Elgin would do honestly and I actually accepted responsibility and f*cking owned that sh*t. I didn’t b*tch at any of my f*cking wrestling friends for not wanting anything to do with me publicly for a while. I never f*cking reached out to people and went, I’m depressed. I need comfort. I ate that sh*t dude, and it was a Goddamn bitter pill to swallow but I f*cking did it and slowly but surely, bookings started coming back, friends starting more openly, hey, blah, blah, blah but like, I let them know I dug that f*cking hole. It was never any of your responsibilities to try and reach in and pull me out because what would have happened is you would have fell in there with me and I didn’t want that for anybody because it f*cking sucked dude and coming from where I’m coming from, as a child, as a teenager, as a f*cking scumbag little sh*t head, I learned quick. All my friends’ cousins are like Cartel and crazy motherf*ckers and I learned you don’t f*cking snitch, you don’t — if you f*ck up, you own it, you eat it and so my whole f*cking life, I’ve been f*cking up but I own it. I don’t ever try to place blame on anybody. I don’t f*cking try to shove that sh*t off to the side. I f*cking take the lashings. I take it and I f*cking deal with it. I’ve been in wrestling jail, I’m almost done with wrestling probation and I’m about to be a f*cking free man. Going to Japan for seven f*cking months, wrestling my heart out. I got the fed f*cking talking to me, sh*t is cool and by the fed, I just mean people that I know in there, like being really cool like, ‘Hey, good to see you,’ yada, yada. 

In the summer of 2022, Rogers made his debut for Pro Wrestling NOAH. He finished up his tour in September of that year. He’ll be heading back to NOAH in May and will be with the promotion until December 2023. Rogers said Japan is his favorite place in the world. 

This is my second time (touring with NOAH). So they messaged me. I’d been waiting because literally, my last day there, last time, NOSAWA (Rongai) was like, ‘Soon, soon’ and I was just like, ‘Sick’ and then the President (Narihiro) Takeda was just like, ‘Can’t wait to get you back,’ blah, blah, blah. So I’m like, ‘When is it gonna happen?’ And they would just say, ‘Soon. Visa process takes a while.’ Well I got my visa March 15th for a year. They got it for me for a whole year and so they messaged me, I guess a week ago, maybe two weeks ago and they were just like, ‘Hey, sorry such short notice. Can you come to Japan on May 1st?’ And I was just like, ‘Yeah, absolutely’ and they’re like, ‘Can you stay for a year?’ And I was like, ‘What the f*ck? What?’ That’s how it broke down into the translation. When I got my ticket, it’s from May until December which is still seven months but initially, they told me a year so my brain was like, what the — woah, which is cool. I wouldn’t b*tch about it but like, I was just literally mind blown they’re asking me that… Dude, it’s my favorite place in the world honestly.

When it comes to his main goal in wrestling, he wants to be able to provide but added that WrestleMania has always been something he wants to achieve. 

Honestly, I just wanna be able to provide (Rogers said when asked if getting back to WWE is his goal). But like, the ultimate f*cking goal, 100 percent is WrestleMania. I’ve always wanted to do that. That’s why I started this sh*t man. I was that little A.D.H.D. f*cking bastard kid that just needed constant attention and whenever I found wrestling and realized these people are getting their own music, lights, thousands of people in a stadium, millions watching at home, I f*cking had to have it and I’ve just been at it and I’m not gonna stop until I f*cking fall the f*ck apart or until — I’ve been disheartened plenty of f*cking times but it hasn’t deterred me. I’m dead set man. It’s just a laser of light and all I see is what’s at the end of that and everything’s tunnel vision around it.

Stallion had a one year stint in WWE. He was released in June 2021.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Café De René with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

Good on him for apologizing and trying to make amends. In a messed up way, having Elgin as a trainer is almost helpful, because whenever you’re faced with a tough decision, the correct course of action is invariably to do the exact opposite of what Michael Elgin would do.

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