Stallion Rogers issues apology over comments from 2020 interview

Originally published at Stallion Rogers issues apology over comments from 2020 interview

Stallion Rogers (Cameron Rogers) has issued a statement apologizing for a transphobic comment that recently resurfaced from an interview he did on the Double K podcast in June 2020.

In the interview, Rogers referred to “purple-haired chicks that say they’re dudes” and described an incident where he claimed to have “sack tapped” another man twice.

Rogers posted a video apology, which was transcribed by Jeremy Lambert at Fightful where he apologized for the comment and said he would donate a percentage of his pay for his remaining bookings in 2021.

Hi, my name is Cameron Rogers, I wrestle as Stallion Rogers, formerly known as Curt Stallion. It’s been brought to my attention that at some point in the past, I said some really stupid transphobic shit on a podcast that I never should have said. I’ve taken a few days to address the issue at hand because I needed to really step back and reflect on myself to make sure that this wouldn’t be some PR stunt to save my career or whatever because that’s not what this is about, nor has it ever been. I am disgusted with the way I’ve made people feel with the things that I’ve said. I’ve never wanted to be that guy, nor do I ever want to be. With that said, I sincerely apologize to anybody whose feelings were hurt by the things that I’ve said or anything I’ve done in the past, recorded or not. I would like to grow from this and move on. Hopefully, we can do that together. With that said, any future potential bookings that I may receive for the rest of 2021, I will be donating a percentage of that to the National Center for Trans Equality. Thank you all very much and have a wonderful rest of your week.

— Stallion Rogers (@CamronCRogers) October 6, 2021