Starboy Charlie sustains broken leg during match on Tuesday

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Independent talent Starboy Charlie has confirmed that he suffered a broken leg on Tuesday during a match in California.

Charlie was wrestling on Jamie Iovine’s Halloween Hootenanny card on Tuesday night in Burbank during a tag match.

Starboy Charlie & Nick Wayne were wrestling The West Coast Wrecking Crew of Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs, which was stopped abruptly after a bad landing by Charlie from an assisted sliced bread.

Thanks a lot for the love, positivity and kind words. My leg is broken, it sucks, but I’m gonna recover and come back soon hopefully.

The medical terms are: a spiral fracture of the distal tibial diaphysis with a 5mm lateral displacement of the distal fracture fragment.

— starboy charlie (@starb0ycharlie) October 27, 2021

Early Wednesday morning, the performer confirmed he had broken his leg with a spiral fracture of the distal tibial diaphysis and a five-millimeter displacement of the distal fracture fragment.

He did not comment on his timetable for recovery but we wish him a speedy one.

Starboy Charlie comes out of the Northern California scene and had seen his status in the industry rise while wrestling for Game Changer Wrestling since early 2020.

This past weekend, he wrestled Yoya on the Bloodsport card and teamed with partner Chris Dickinson at “War Ready” against Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau.