STARDOM 2023 5 Star Grand Prix Primer

Originally published at STARDOM 2023 5 Star Grand Prix Primer

Each summer, STARDOM holds its annual round-robin tournament to determine who is the Strongest Woman of the Summer. This woman leads the final sprint toward the company’s year-end show in December. In recent years, the winner of the FIVE STAR GRAND PRIX (5★GP) challenges for the World of STARDOM Championship to close out the year in the main event of the final big show.  Typically, the winner receives a contract for the title bout, which they defend against the losses they sustain throughout the tournament (much like the G1 Winner does in NJPW). In addition to the contract, the winner is given a crown and cloak to commemorate their win as well as their name engraved on a beautiful, shiny trophy. 

In 2021, Syuri won and defeated Utami Hayashishita for the World of STARDOM Championship at All-Star Dream Queendom. In 2022, Giulia won (after dropping out in 2021 due to injury), and defeated Syuri for the red belt at the same event

This year’s 5★GP opens on Sunday, July 23rd at Ota Ward Gymnasium and will run until Saturday, September 30th at Yokohama Budokan. There will be twenty tour stops in between and four non-5★GP big events. Much like the previous years, many of the in-between tour stops will likely be a mix of tournament action, tag matches, non-tournament showcases (like NEW BLOOD), and championship defenses. 


  • Tam Nakano – Cosmic Angels
  • Mayu Iwatani – STARS
  • Saya Kamitani – Queen’s Quest
  • Syuri – God’s Eye
  • Suzu Suzuki – Undeclared
  • Starlight Kid – OedoTai
  • Natsupoi – Cosmic Angels 
  • Hazuki – STARS
  • Natsuko Tora – OedoTai
  • Ami Sohrei – God’s Eye

Opening Day Match: Tam Nakano vs. Saya Kamitani

In STARDOM’s recent years, two names synonymous with the Wonder of STARDOM Championship are that of Nakano and Kamitani. Kamitani would be the one to shatter Nakano’s run with the Wonder of STARDOM Championship at the first STARDOM Dream Queendom, and they would team together shortly thereafter in the STARDOM’s first main card match at Wrestle Kingdom 16 to defeat Mayu Iwatani and Starlight Kid. Knowing that Kamitani not only relieved Nakano of the white belt, but would go on to shatter Momo Watanabe’s historic consecutive defense record, means that there has been some serious spotlight-stealing! During both of their reigns as Wonder Champions, they tended to have longer matches, so the biggest opponent in their match may not necessarily be one another, but the time limit. 

Tam Nakano (Cosmic Angels; Leader) [7th Consecutive Entry; 2022 5★GP Finalist; Current World of STARDOM Champion]

2023 has quickly become the Year of the Cutest in the Cosmos, with Tam Nakano rallying after a devastating loss of numbers in Cosmic Angels, when Mina Shirakawa broke off from the group to establish Club Venus. Since 2019, she’s been chasing Giulia. First, it was their outstanding Wonder of STARDOM Championship hair-vs-hair match at All-Star Dream Cinderella, followed by their stellar 2022 5★GP Finals match. However, Tam staged back-to-back upsets of the year, by cutting Giulia’s reign with the World of STARDOM Championship short and exacting a little revenge on Mina Shirakawa by reclaiming the white belt to become the second ever to hold both championships concurrently. She may have dropped the Wonder championship to MIRAI on her first defense, but Tam’s obsession with the spotlight means she isn’t going into the 5★GP resting on her laurels.  

Saya Kamitani (Queen’s Quest) [4th Consecutive Entry]

The Golden Phoenix of STARDOM is one of the history makers in the latter half of STARDOM’s history so far. She won the 2021 Cinderella Tournament which would ignite her journey toward the White Belt. She would defeat Nakano STARDOM Dream Queendom (12/29/2021) to become the 16th Wonder of STARDOM Champion. She would go on to have a 480-day reign with fifteen consecutive successful defenses, shattering former Queen’s Quest leader, Momo Watanabe’s historic consecutive defense record, before dropping the championship to Mina Shirakawa at All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23/23). With a rather decorated history in STARDOM, it is easy to earmark Kamitani early as one of the front runners for the 5★GP, especially as a former Cinderella Tournament winner. 

Opening Day Match: Natsupoi vs. Starlight Kid

Get ready for arguably one of the fastest-paced matches on the card between the two former High-Speed Champions. Both Natsupoi and SLK are hungry for a singles championship outside of the High-Speed Championship, and winning the 5★GP could easily propel either of them into the front of the queue. This match could go either way, but could most likely be one of the first draws of the series because they are so evenly matched in speed, style, and resourcefulness. The deciding factor will be whether or not OedoTai helps SLK along the way to victory. 

Natsupoi (Cosmic Angels) [4th Entry; 3rd Consecutive Entry]

Since leaving Donna del Mondo and aligning herself with Tam and Cosmic Angels, Natsupoi has seen some success as Goddesses of STARDOM Champ with Tam as meltear, and with Saori Anou and KAIRI as REstart, but she hasn’t seen singles gold since her run with the High-Speed Championship in 2021. She has been challenged for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship three times since joining the company (Nakano, Kamitani, and most recently Shirakawa’s single defense), so expectations for The High-Speed Fairy are quite high. Natsupoi has also experimented with some interesting match stipulations like her cage match against Tam and her recent Strap Match against fellow Cosmic Angel, Saori Anou.

Starlight Kid (OedoTai) [4th Consecutive Entry]

Much like Natsupoi, SLK is another namesake with the High-Speed Championship, and she rocketed to the forefront of OedoTai since turning her back on STARS. Having tag team reigns with the ARTISTS and GODDESSES Championships, singles gold beyond the High Speed has constantly eluded her. Annually, she is a fan favorite for any tournament she participates in, but seemingly always comes up short. Kid’s biggest obstacle usually isn’t her opponents, but her pride getting the best of her. She declared earlier this year after a High-Speed Championship challenge against her Eternal Rival, AZM, that she would set her sights on other singles’ championships, meaning she’ll need to step her game up to finally claw her way to the top. However, two of SLK’s biggest challenges will also stand in her way: Saya Kamitani and Mayu Iwatani.

Opening Day Match: Mayu Iwatani vs. Hazuki

In April, Iwatani defeated Mercedes Mone to become the IWGP Women’s Champion but has yet to have any defenses. Hazuki and AZM challenged Mone unsuccessfully for the championship, so my gut tells me that The Wild Heart isn’t done with it just yet. The biggest challenge will be to see if they are willing to drop the friendliness of STARS and be willing to lay everything on the line for the sake of two points. They could come out the other side stronger as allies, or the cracks in the facade may begin to show. I am curious to see if this match leads to a power struggle within STARS, especially with Mayu’s attention being heavily divided between STARDOM, NJPW, and her upcoming film!

Mayu Iwatani (STARS; Leader) [10th Consecutive Entry; 2018 Winner; Current NJPW IWGP Women’s Champion]

Just when you think there isn’t anything left for the Icon of STARDOM to do as one of their most decorated champions, Mayu Iwatani has been spending parts of the summer getting a movie made about her personal memoir, Runaway Wrestler. She’s done it all and genuinely doesn’t need another tournament win, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to roll over for anyone, especially her faction mates. 

Hazuki (STARS) [5th Entry; 2nd Consecutive]

Since Hazuki’s return to STARDOM, she’s arguably been Mayu’s second in command in STARS and also assists in the training of newer and younger talents. When she returned, I genuinely thought she would start her own faction, instead of aligning herself with Mayu. The Icon casts a long shadow, but the Wild Heart cannot and will not be tamed. She is another heavy favorite any time a tournament rolls around but has yet to win.

Opening Day Match: Syuri vs. Suzu Suzuki

Easily one of the must-see matches for the opening day of the 5★GP, especially with Suzu leading the charge with the Golden Generation wrestlers against the Faction Leadership of STARDOM. In a card packed with guaranteed showstoppers and familiar favorite rivalries, there is something exceptionally refreshing, especially since this is a first-time singles match-up! I’m not saying this will be my match of the night (but I’m fairly certain it will be)…

Syuri (God’s Eye; Leader) [4th Consecutive Entry; 2021 Winner]

Syuri hasn’t held singles gold since dropping the World of STARDOM Championship to Giula at last year’s STARDOM Dream Queendom II. However, that hasn’t derailed the momentum of the leader of God’s Eye. She’s just been keeping herself busy with the burgeoning ranks of GE and working hard to elevate the influx of younger talent into her group and the company. She’s become a tournament staple largely because of her ability to seamlessly adapt to the style and level of her opponent. Much like the previous  5★GP, she could easily be slotted into the “lock for the finals” conversation, but I’m more curious to see who will be the spoilers for her tournament. 

Suzu Suzuki (Undeclared) [2nd Consecutive Entry]

Up until earlier this summer, Suzu was a freelancer with the hardcore-style troupe, PROMINENCE. However, no sooner did she announce her departure from the group after her tenth and final Deathmatch Series match against Jun Kasai, suddenly, her dance card was flooded with a flurry of STARDOM dates. While there hasn’t been any formal announcement of contract status with STARDOM (she is still a freelancer), she doesn’t seem to be wrestling anywhere else just yet. After her standout performance in last year’s tournament and her recent alliance with The Golden Generation: Mei Seira, Maika, MIRAI, and Saya Kamitani, all signs are pointing to potentially much grander plans in store for the 20-year-old.

Opening Day Match: Ami Sohrei vs. Natsuko Tora

I love a good, ole power showdown and Sohrei vs. Tora could give us a little taste of a big boss battle! For Tora I want her to throw everything she has at Sohrei, but do it by herself. She won’t convince anyone that she’s the best or worth the main event at the end of the year by cheating her way to the finish line. I think the pair could have a hard-hitting match and it could be one of the sleeper hits of the opening night. 

Ami Sohrei (God’s Eye) [2nd Consecutive Entry]

Ami’s been busy since her arrival in STARDOM by holding the Future of STARDOM and Goddesses of STARDOM Championships as well as having some of my favorite power battles since Himeka retired back in the spring. She’s proved to everyone that she is more than simply Syuri’s enforcer in GE and that she isn’t simply strong, but also rather fast. While her run with MIRAI and the Goddesses of STARDOM Championships was shorter than I had expected, I do believe that it is likely due to the company having big plans in store for both of them. Ami tends to be one of the quieter members of GE, but she says what she needs to when she needs to, and lets the rest of her talking get done in the ring. 

Natsuko Tora (OedoTai; Leader) [1st Entry in three years; 4th Entry]

Tora’s journey back to the ring after her knee injury has been a long one, and with this being her first 5★GP in three years, I hope that she’ll use it to put everyone on notice by reminding them who she is without needlessly relying on OedoTai Shenanigans to secure questionable victories with a distinct lack of moral compass. Natsuko is a solid wrestler, and I hope she gets back to basics in the tournament to remind everyone, including herself, why she is here and leading OedoTai. 


  • Giulia – Donna del Mondo
  • Utami Hayashishita – Queen’s Quest
  • Maika – Donna del Mondo
  • Saori Anou – Cosmic Angels
  • Momo Watanabe – OedoTai
  • MIRAI – God’s Eye
  • AZM – Queen’s Quest
  • Mina Shirakawa – Club Venus
  • Mariah May – Club Venus
  • Hanan – STARS

Opening Day Match: Giulia vs. Saori Anou

In the years before Giulia joining STARDOM, she racked up several tag losses to Saori Anou and one singles loss in 2018 in Ice Ribbon. They had had wildly different trajectories since Giulia’s departure from IR in 2019, so seeing their first singles match in over five years will be one that IR historians will watch closely.  I am exceptionally curious if Saori will be able to turn the tables in her favor and continue her wins over Giulia, or if the defending winner’s Beautiful Insanity has utterly eclipsed her previous life outside of STARDOM.

Giulia (Donna del Mondo; Leader) [4th Consecutive Entry; 2022 5★GP Winner; Current Artists of STARDOM Champion & NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion]

Our 2022 5★GP Winner walks into this year’s tournament as a double champ! Fresh off her win against Willow Nightingale at NJPW Independence Day, Giulia is sporting the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship alongside her Artists of STARDOM Championship. With all her accolades since joining STARDOM, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see her win a second 5★GP and potentially in back-to-back years. With her World of STARDOM run coming to a screeching halt in the spring courtesy of the Cosmic Angel Express driven by Tam Nakano, Giulia is more resilient than ever. 

Saori Anou (Cosmic Angels) [Debutante Entry]

Anou has been keeping herself very busy since her return to STARDOM, especially by aligning herself with Cosmic Angels and winning the Artists of STARDOM Championships with Natsupoi & KAIRI. Before returning to STARDOM, Anou held singles championships in PURE-J, Ice Ribbon, ActWres GirlZ, and even DDT’s Ironman Heavy Metal Championship. She’s also held the OZ Academy Tag Championship, so while she may feel like a novice to those unfamiliar with her work outside of STARDOM, she is one of the wrestlers flying under the radar who many might underestimate. 

Opening Day Match: Utami Hayashishita vs. Mina Shirakawa

They met in the first round of the 2021 Cinderella Tournament, but since then, they have not had a singles match! Whenever tournament season rolled around Hayashishita and Shirakawa were kept apart, intentionally or not, so I am curious to see how different this match will be compared to their first meeting over two years ago. Mina has improved significantly since joining STARDOM and I think this match with Utami could take her skills to the next level. Utami may also need to think a little outside of the box when it comes to Mina because she can get rather creative and be a little unpredictable in the best possible way, which may keep her on her toes the entire time, especially if she goes in thinking it’ll be a light day at the office. 

Utami Hayashishita (Queen’s Quest; Leader) [6th Consecutive Entry; 2018 5★GP Finalist; 2020 5★GP Winner]

Just before the company’s biggest tournament of the year, Utami headed to the US for a micro-excursion with wins at GCW, JCW, and ROH. While some might view this as a risky move on her part, the 2020 tournament winner looked at it as a fun warm-up before one of the hottest competitions of the entire summer. Her 2020 win led to her winning the World of STARDOM Championship (and a subsequent monster 409-day run with nine successful defenses, including her five-star rated, 43-minute match against Syuri). The leader of Queen’s Quest hasn’t seen much singles title success since losing the World of STARDOM Championship, but she’s consistently one of the best wrestlers in the tournament annually. If there were someone who I would pick for a second win at this point, it would be Utami, but she doesn’t need it. I would rather see her chase Mayu once more for the IWGP Women’s Championship instead once all is said and done in this year’s 5★GP.

Mina Shirakawa (Club Venus; Leader)  [3rd Consecutive Entry; Current Goddesses of STARDOM Champion]

Since her return from injury earlier this year, The Venus finally broke out of Tam’s shadow with the recruiting and establishment of Club Venus. Her success continued with being the individual to finally derail the Wonder of STARDOM Runaway Train that was Saya Kamitani. She had a single defense against her former Cosmic Angel associate in Natsupoi before losing the belt in a double title match against her old Cosmic Angels partner, Tam Nakano. Shirakawa rallies and doesn’t languish too much in her losses lest her Bloody Angel alias resurface. She and Mariah May staged an upset against THE NEW ERAS (MIRAI & Ami Sohrei) to become the Goddesses of STARDOM Tag Champions before the 5★GP. Her dance card will be busy during the tournament, but come September, I think she and May will have their hands full with a likely title defense at Dream Tag Festival. 

Opening Day Match: MIRAI vs. Momo Watanabe

For someone who believes the Wonder of STARDOM is part of her former life and now beneath her, Momo keeps finding herself in matches against Wonder Champions and coincidentally Cinderella Tournament winners. First, she tried to stop Saya Kamitani from chatting her own defense record, and now she faces the newly-minted WonderRella in MIRAI. Both are exceptionally well-rounded power fighters, so the deciding factor may be MIRAI’s submission approach versus Momo’s striking abilities (and likely Momo’s bat or ‘special kick pads’). Definitely, a match to watch, though I am fairly certain it won’t be a fair fight.  

MIRAI (God’s Eye)  [2nd Consecutive Entry; 2022 & 2023 Cinderella Tournament Winner; Current Wonder of STARDOM Champion]

After winning her second Cinderella Tournament earlier this year, MIRAI gave a cryptic address as to wanting to challenge for a singles championship. She bided her time as Saya Kamitani and Mina Shirakawa had unfinished business, but it was eventually Tam Nakano as double champ who would be her eventual opponent. MIRAI solved the Double Champion Conundrum for Tam by explicitly going after the white belt, which she unsuccessfully challenged Kamitani after her first Cinderella Tournament win. MIRAI isn’t a stranger to World of STARDOM Championship matches either as she challenged Syuri shortly after she arrived in STARDOM and would leave DDM to follow Syuri in establishing God’s Eye in the wake of that match. 

Momo Watanabe (OedoTai)  [7th Entry; 6th Consecutive; 2021 5★GP Finalist; 2018 Cinderella Tournament Winner]

The Black Peach has yet to conquer the one belt that has always eluded her: The World of STARDOM. She’s challenged for the red belt five times with four losses (to Bea Priestley, Mayu Iwatani, Utami Hayashishita, and Syuri) and one double KO draw against Kagetsu.  Since her loss to Syuri in the finals of the 2021 5★GP, abandonment of Queen’s Quest, and reincarnating herself in the OedoTai image, Momo continues to get tag team success, but when it comes to singles championships and tournaments, the former Wonder of STARDOM champion is very much striking out every time. Winning the 5★GP could give her the guaranteed opportunity she believes she deserves.

Opening Day Match: AZM vs. Mariah May

AZM will have her hands full with Mariah, but it could be a fun way to see AZM let loose and have some fun when she isn’t being a daredevil all over the venue. I think AZM will be an exceptional opponent for May to ease her way into her first 5★GP, but I am curious to see if AZM will dictate the pace, while May dictates the vibe. It should be a fun match with a little bit of everything for just about everyone. 

AZM (Queen’s Quest)  [5th Consecutive Entry]

Every year, I keep thinking that this could be AZM’s year. Without the High-Speed Championship weighing her down, it might finally be time for us to see The High-Speed Bomb Girl zip past the competition and into the main event scene. Like many in the tournament, she’s always in the conversation with the diehard fans baffled annually that she hasn’t been permitted to go beyond the realm of High-Speed Highjinx. It’s worth noting that while she was one of Syuri’s post-5★GP 2021 reconciliation matches with the SWA Championship and the World of STARDOM contract at stake, she’s never challenged for either the Wonder of STARDOM or the World of STARDOM Championship in her nine years of wrestling, so this tournament could be a turning point for her. 

Mariah May (Club Venus)  [Debutante Entry; Current Goddesses of STARDOM Champion]

In 2023, everything is coming up Mariah! She debuted with Club Venus. Won the Goddesses of STARDOM Championships with Mina Shirakawa. Now, she’s debuting in the 5★GP. Alongside Hanan, May qualified for this year’s tournament via a battle royal, so she will face significant pressure as the only foreign wrestler in the tournament as well as proving to the world that she belongs in it. I don’t know if there are any plans for English commentary during the tournament, but she did a fantastic job at All-Star Grand Queendom, so I would love to hear more about her. 

Opening Day Match: Maika vs. Hanan

Maika has a clear advantage, but Hanan could ostensibly stage one of the biggest upsets on Opening Day. Holding a crucial win over Maika could mean that Hanan could keep one of the front runners of the tournament from advancing. With their backgrounds in judo, they are evenly matched, but the deciding factor could be Maika’s strength or Hanan’s experience as she has two years of experience over Maika. Maika is part of The Golden Generation Movement within STARDOM, but Hanan should not be overlooked. 

Maika (Donna del Mondo)  [4th Consecutive Entry; Cinderella Tournament 2021 Finalist]

From her arrival in 2021 and immediately skyrocketing her way to the finals of the 2021 Cinderella Tournament, The Empress has been one of the constant dark horse favorites when Tournament Season. With three previous challenges for the World of STARDOM Championship (twice against Utami and once against Syuri) as well as a Wonder Championship match against Kamitani in her hometown of Fukuoka, Maika’s been on the short list of “SOON” for some time now. With DDM down to four members, and she being the odd Donna out with Giulia, Mai Sakura, and Thekla, holding the Artists of STARDOM Championships, could this potentially be a sign that Maika could finally have the breakout year that we’ve been expecting for some time? 

Hanan (STARS)  [2nd Consecutive Entry]

Last year, Hanan debuted in the 5★GP at seventeen and walked away with two wins. Now that she’s graduated high school and had her Young Lioness makeover, the stakes are considerably raised for Hanan. Her winning the qualifying battle royal alongside Mariah May resulted in some surprising omissions from this year’s tournament (see below) means there is also the added pressure to prove that she deserves to be there and it simply isn’t a fluke because “it was a battle royal” and not a qualifying tournament like the previous year.  

Notable Absences in 2023 5★GP

The number of participants in the 2023 Five Star Grand Prix was scaled down from last year from twenty-six entrants to twenty, with two blocks (RED STARS & BLUE STARS) of ten participants a piece. While this may slightly elevate the tournament due to the exclusivity of entry, it also comes at the cost of several veterans, fresh faces, and legitimate contenders. 

  • Thekla Short of an undisclosed injury or unknown visa issue, I simply do not understand how she isn’t included in this year’s lineup. She is exceptionally consistent, undeniably talented, and could have made for some very refreshing first-time singles matches for a lot of people. She should be in the conversation for the first foreign wrestler to win the tournament since Toni Storm, especially as a current Artists of STARDOM Champion and former SWA World Champion. 
  • Saki Kashima – The current High-Speed Champion and known spoiler with her flash pin, the Kishikaisei, is another omission that I find surprising. Kashima is one of the outliers who I enjoy watching get crucial wins over key veterans, especially Mayu Iwatani. I am curious to see how her extensive knowledge of The OedoTai Protocol could be used against her former faction now that she is in GE. She’ll defend her High-Speed Championship against Koguma at STARDOM x STARDOM in Osaka on 8/13.
  • Koguma – Another veteran excluded from this year’s tournament, and one who often plays spoiler with upset victories. She is Kashima’s next challenger for the High-Speed Championship. Bless Koguma because as The High-Speed Genius, she is often pushed back toward the High-Speed Championship seemingly every quarter. 
  • Saya Iida – With a couple of Five Stars under her belt, before and after her knee injury, Iida being left off this year’s list is a bit mind-boggling. 
  • Lady C – She participated in the qualifying league last year and the battle royal this year, but still has yet to make her tournament debut. 
  • Hina & Rina – Now they are in high school, the twins need to focus on their education. The demanding schedule for the 5★GP doesn’t encourage their participation. In previous years, their matches were largely on the weekends, so they wouldn’t have to miss school, but much like Hina taking a year off to get into her high school of choice, we may need to wait until they graduate before we see either of them in another 5★GP. Rina will defend her Future of STARDOM Championship against Waka Tsukiyama at New Blood 10 (8/18)
  • Mai Sakurai – Her Ladyship fought her way to the finals of this year’s Cinderella Tournament and has yet to debut in the 5★GP. Currently one-third of the Artists of STARDOM with Giulia and Thekla, I am curious to know why she’s also on the shelf.  
  • Waka Tsukiyama – Arguably one of STARDOM’s ultimate underdog competitors, this could have been an exceptional opportunity for Tsukiyama since breaking her losing streak. Tsukiyama is challenging Rina for the Future of STARDOM Championship at New Blood 10 (8/18).
  • Momo Kohgo – Momo’s shown vast improvement over the last 18 months under Hazuki’s tutelage, and with her even participating in the Inaugural NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship Tournament, I would have thought she would be included.
  • Miyu Amasaki – From the time she debuted at New Blood in March 2022, STARDOM had big plans for The Supernova. 
  • Mei Seira – She surfaced out of retirement earlier this year and won the High-Speed Championship, before quickly dropping it. She’s been part of the New Blood injection into STARDOM in 2023 and after such a big in-ring return, I find her omission puzzling. 

FIVE STAR Grand Prix 2023 Schedule

  • 5★GP Opening Day (7/23) Ota Ward Gymnasium
  • 5★GP Saku (7/29) Nagano Prefecture Budokan
  • 5★GP Kōnosu (7/30) Kōnosu General Gymnasium, Saitama
  • 5★GP Komatsu (8/5) Suehiro Gymnasium, Ishikawa
  • 5★GP Hamamatsu (8/6) ACT City Hamamatsu, Shizukoka
  • 5★GP Kyoto (8/8) KBS Hall, Kyoto
  • 5★GP Okayama (8/10) Mamakari Forum, Okayama Convention Center, Okayama
  • 5★GP Himeji (8/12) Arcrea HIMEJI, Himeji City Cultural Center
  • 5★GP Korakuen (8/15) Korakuen Hall
  • 5★GP Numazu (8/20) Kiramesse Numazu Shizuoka
  • 5★GP Nagoya (8/26) Nagoya International Conference Center, Aichi
  • 5★GP Fukui (8/27) Kirameki Minato Hall, Fukui
  • 5★GP Fukuyama (9/2) Fukuyama Industrial Exchange Center Big Rose, Hiroshima
  • 5★GP Special in Hiroshima (9/3) Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall
  • 5★GP Korakuen (9/9) Korakuen Hall
  • 5★GP Fukuoka (9/16) Island City Forum, Fukuoka
  • 5★GP Saga (9/17) Heartful, Saga City Prefecture Cultural Hall
  • 5★GP Yamaguchi (9/18) KDDI Ishin Hall, Yamaguchi
  • 5★GP Osaka (9/20) Edion Arena Auxiliary Gymnasium, Osaka
  • 5★GP Sendai (9/23) Aztec Museum, Sendai Industrial Gymnasium, Miyagi
  • 5★GP Sanjo (9/24) Kosei Fukushikaikan, Sanjo City, Niigata
  • 5★GP 2023 Finals (9/30) Yokohama Budokan

Results & Updated Tournament Standings will be included in the July, August, and September editions of Dream Slam Monthly with must-see matches noted. 

5★GP 2023 Finals (9/30) Yokohama Budokan; Final Order TBD

  • RED STARS: Mayu Iwatani vs. Starlight Kid
  • RED STARS: Saya Kamitani vs. Suzu Suzuki
  • RED STARS: Tam Nakano vs. Natsupoi
  • RED STARS: Syuri vs. Ami Sohrei
  • RED STARS: Hazuki vs. Natsuko Tora
  • BLUE STARS: Giulia vs. Utami Hayashishita
  • BLUE STARS: MIRAI vs. Maika
  • BLUE STARS: AZM vs. Momo Watanabe
  • BLUE STARS: Hanan vs. Mariah May
  • BLUE STARS: Mina Shirakawa vs. Saori Anou

Non-5★GP Big Events – Full Cards TBA

  • STARDOM x STARDOM 2: Osaka Height of Summer (8/13) Osaka Edion Main Arena
    • Goddesses of STARDOM Championship: Mina Shirakawa/Mariah May© vs. Natsupoi & Saori Anou
    • High Speed Championship: Saki Kashima© vs. Koguma
  • NEW BLOOD 10 (8/18) The Grand Hall Shinagawa, Tokyo
    • Future of STARDOM Championship: Rina© vs. Waka Tsukiyama
  • Dream Tag Festival 2023 (9/10) Yokohama Budokan
  • NEW BLOOD 11 (9/29) The Grand Hall Shinagawa, Tokyo
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