Stardom wraps up 5* Grand Prix, will run Budokan Hall on 12/29

Originally published at Stardom wraps up 5* Grand Prix, will run Budokan Hall on 12/29

Stardom wrapped up its 5* Grand Prix tournament on Saturday with a card from Ota City General Gymnasium with the 2021 winner crowned.

The finals of the Grand Prix saw Syuri win the tournament defeating Momo Watanabe in the final to earn another title shot at World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita.

The final night of the Grand Prix drew an announced attendance of 1,539, which topped both G1 Climax shows in the same building over the prior two nights. Thursday’s A Block card drew 1,284 and Friday’s B Block show fell to 816.

Syuri wrestled Takumi Iroha to a draw earlier in the show after going twenty minutes.

Watanabe received a forfeit win earlier in the night due to the absence of Giulia from the Grand Prix.

Syuri led the Blue Stars block with 12 points as she edged past Saya Kamitani and Takumi Iroha, who finished with 11. Watanabe won the Red Stars block with 12 points and topped Mayu Iwatani, Starlight Kid, and Koguma with 11.

Stardom has announced a major show for Budokan Hall on December 29th that will feature the big rematch between Hayashishita and Syuri. The rivals had a match-of-the-year contender on June 12th this year and fought to a time-limit draw during the Grand Prix.

Karen Peterson will have a review of the entire Grand Prix Final later today on the site.