STARDOM's Konami taking a break from wrestling after 12/29

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Konami to focus on her personal well being.

During STARDOM’s show at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan, Konami made the announcement that she’ll be taking a hiatus from wrestling after STARDOM’s December 29th show at Ryogoku Sumo Hall.

Konami stated that she’ll be focusing on her personal well being. Following her announcement, she was challenged by Giulia. Their match is official for 12/29 but Konami stated that it will not be her last.

Konami announced that she will be taking a hiatus from wrestling after Stardom Dream Queendom on Dec 29, to attend to her personal well being.

Giuilia interrupted and challenged Konami to her last match on Dec 29. Konami accepted, but says it won’t be her last match.

— We Are Stardom (@we_are_stardom) December 4, 2021

In October, Konami was scheduled to take on Syuri at the 10th Anniversary Show but the match was pulled due to Konami dealing with acute enteritis, which is inflammation of the small intestine.

Konami and Syuri went one-on-one at the Tokyo Super Wars show on 11/27 in a UWF Rules match for the SWA World Championship.