Stars that you'd like to see pushed in 2019

I’d like to see big e break away from the new day and get a big singles run. Also like to see Drew McIntyre get a run w the universal title. How about every one else?

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I would love to see Seth Rollins get a run with the universal title. Also I would love to see ruby riott get a run with either the raw or smackdown women’s title and EC3 get either the ic or us title.

Finally, while the tag titles means less then nothing especially on raw, I would love to see Owens and zayn get a run with the tag titles just to see if they could elevate the division.


Ruby riott is probably my favorite on raw right now.


Seth Rollins need to have rocket attached on because the amount of roadblocks he had this year is ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure 2nd half 2018 Seth was the most “rocket attached to somebody” a guy can have these days. He’s great. But idk what he can do to get to Becky level.

I’d like to see Almas get some good feuds for the US (or IC title). I’d like to see The Revival feel like a real strong tag team (not sure anyone besides us internet fans will take them serious anymore). Id like to see some call ups feel like a big deal - Undisputed Era, Riddle, War Machine.

There’s a small number of guys on the main roster at this point that can really feel “pushed”. It’s a shame but too many guys and teams have been made to look like fools to ever get serious pushes that fans will take to and get behind.


I’ll answer this by listing the following people that I hope win the corresponding title for the first time to move them up to another level and have serious, successful runs that aren’t jokes or just quick transitional title wins.

Universal Championship - Seth Rollins
Raw Women’s championship - Shayna Bazsler as a foil to Ronda.
Intercontinental Championship - Adam Cole called up.
Raw Tag Titles - Undisputed Era called up

WWE championship - Kofi Kingston w/ the support of the New Day.
SD Women’s championship - Asuka
US Championship - Ricochet called up
SD Tag Titles - Sanity

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Mandy Rose should be the Women’s champion.

I’m not being sarcastic…she has the whole package…she’s out of this world beautiful, can talk and in ring has the better knee strikes than Kenny Omega.

Mustafa Ali as US Champion.

Chad Gabe as a singles star and to take the IC Belt.

Give me Ruby Riott tearing it down as well please.

  • EC3 gets a nice run as a shit-talking heel with a mid-card title (what Roode should have been)

  • Big E getting a singles run

  • Bo Dallas joining with his brother as monster heels

Drew McIntrye is my pick, he grew so much while on the indies and he deserves a run on top.

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I’d love to see anybody have great runs with the US and/or IC titles. Just one really long and meaningful championship run throughout the year for some mid-carder who can work and talk but hasn’t been given the chance to showcase it, to both elevate the title and the performer.

Give Finn Balor a big singles push, as well as Mandy Rose and Big E. Tired of Seth Rollins, as he’s starting to get X-Pac heat with me.

Also, would love to see the Revival revive the tag team scene on Raw with some quality matches.


Just when it looked like Elias was getting some Big Mo…loses to Corbin.
Let’s face it, the WWE wouldn’t know how to push somebody that wasn’t already established if they tried.
Look at Ambrose and Rollins - both could be top guys, both get booked 50/50 vs each other. Therefore both don’t feel like top guys they feel like an endless loop of 50/50 booking where when the feud ends, nobody has really established them self as the Alpha. Say what you will about Cena’s run as SuperCena who didn’t put anyone over. It’s the last headline star they made and while they tried with Roman, even he was 50/50 booked and never felt on the same level.

LOL so…Reigns supposedly got the megapush…ermahgerd he’s being pushed down our throats.

But his wins/loss record wasn’t on par with Finn Balor…but somehow people forgot that.

I would like to see the Revival with the belts, there’s so much they could do with a push. I’m thinking about the collector’s gimmick that a manager had in TNA (please remind me of his name).

I’d like to see:

Tags: The Revival, Sanity and the Usos receive a push to do programs for the title. The Usos were great champs and I would love to see them as champions again and bring legitimacy back to the titles.

Singles: Ruby Riott, Luke Harper, Samoa Joe

I’d love to see Shanya to come up and start a story where the horsewomen MMA vs WWE form up somehow, perhaps half on either show building to a great stable match.

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Minoru Suzuki, Seiya Sanada.

since Takashi Iizuka is retiring, Suzuki Gun can be taken more seriously, especially if their head guy is getting a push. It seemed so ready in 2018 but I saw my man lose time and time again.

If Sanada was in any stable except LIJ he’d probably be a big time player. This is his year.

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I’d like to see the Sanada LIJ story with him against Naito and Evil in the middle. But I feel like LIJ can’t fracture til Takahashi comes back. That’s too good a feel good moment to pass up. Then split

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Realized I went pure WWE, Uncle Vince would be proud.

NJPW: I’d say I’d like Ishii to get a push - RevPro sees his value and the fans love him in Japan so seeing him with a belt that isn’t the Never Openweight title would be awesome. Sanada would be another cool one, he has really shown over the past year that I’ve been watching NJPW to be a reliable worker.

I know I am getting my hopes up but I really like Chase Owens and David Finlay as well and would love to see them get their due, come up from the shadows of BC and Juice respectively and have a good singles run because both are fun to watch even in the throwaway matches.

I understand Finlay is heading to ROH for a few dates, I hope that gets him some more exposure.

Their physiques aren’t the greatest, both have some crazy dad bods but they are exciting to watch.

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I don’t want to fantasy book, but if we define pushed as “wrestle on TV and PPV regularly” then here’s my list of guys under WWE contract that I’d like to see in more 10+ minute matches in 2019.

The Revival
Luke Harper (who is apparently injured, but was already off TV when Rowan got hurt first)
Apollo Crews
Samoa Joe
Shelton Benjamin

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