Stars that you'd like to see pushed in 2019


Hear you re: Ishii and Never Open but tbh with Osprey holding that bet the idea of Ishii and Osprey having a match for a Openweight title is tremendous. I wanna see Osprey defend that belt against everyone - even Chaos members who may take issue with his elbow as catalyst for storyline reasons to fight.

And I’d book Osprey and ZSJ in a match for their London show. The difference in styles and story that could be told is phenomenal (anyone see what I did there :wink:)


I’d be on board with that too, but seeing that New Years Dash match, seeing Yuji Nagata and Ishii in an eventual program for the IC title or something would be crazy fun in my opinion.


Hell yeah. Push Nagata again! I didn’t really understand him during my first full G1 in 2017 and then he was like done. The guys has juice left in the tank


Impact should push Scarlett Bordeaux to the moon.


Tyler Breeze in singles action