Steph De Lander planning to get into stand-up comedy, meeting up with member of WWE NXT to construct a set

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Two of De Lander’s aspirations are to wrestle in Japan and venture into stand-up comedy. 

Since exiting WWE in April 2022, Steph De Lander has ventured back onto the independent scene and present day, she formed a partnership with Matt Cardona and the two are a pair on shows. 

On top of her in-ring career, De Lander is looking to pursue other ventures and she dove into that while doing a virtual signing for The Asylum Wrestling Store

De Lander mentioned that she’s looking to get into stand-up comedy and is planning on meeting with someone she knows from WWE NXT and he is going to help her construct a five-minute set. 

So I have ideas (for a stand-up comedy set) and also, so, one of the guys who works for NXT, he did stand-up for years and years and years. He’s a writer actually so I’m like, ‘Let’s sit down, hopefully next week when we have time and structure a five-minute set…’ It’s all in the works. I need to, yeah, f*cking figure out what’s a sweet five-minute, because I don’t give a sh*t about anything. As soon as I have that, I’m just gonna go and start doing open mics. I don’t care. If I get booed off the stage, I don’t give a sh*t. If it’s crickets, you know what I mean? I’ve done that in wrestling… I don’t care, yeah, so I’m excited.

De Lander was part of the NXT brand as the relaunch of NXT 2.0 began. The first episode of that version of NXT featured the wedding of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis

Steph was part of that segment. She said it was fun to do but wishes there was more chaos attached to the on-screen wedding. She feels it went off without a hitch. 

I honestly wanted there to be interruptions (at the InDex wedding) because I thought it would make it better so I was disappointed that it just went off without a hitch. But, it was fun, it was good. It was like one of the first things I did there (in WWE) so I got to be a part of it.

She would later go on to share that she’ll be heading to Japan to wrestle but it has not been formally announced. 

I wanna go (to Japan). I’ve been trying to go for a while. Seriously, since I’ve gotten fired (from WWE), I’ve been trying to get there for like a year but it’s just very difficult and it’s not as easy as it seems and not for nothing, you’ve got a whole bunch of people who are going over and wrestling for little money and that makes it hard on people who actually wanna get paid so, it’s a tough situation when you’ve got a whole bunch of wrestlers undercutting each other and going over and wrestling for peanuts because then when people, you know, have actual wages and take this like a business as it is, it is harder because why would they pay X amount when there’s someone wrestling for one-eighth of what I would be? So, that’s a difficult thing with everything in general but what I will say is I am going to Japan very soon so, it hasn’t officially been announced yet but I am going so…

In 2023, De Lander has competed for IMPACT Wrestling, AEW, Ring of Honor and is becoming a regularly featured talent at GCW.

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