Stephanie Vaquer exits CMLL and NJPW rosters, pulled from Fantasticamania USA show

Originally published at Stephanie Vaquer exits CMLL and NJPW rosters, pulled from Fantasticamania USA show

Stephanie Vaquer has suddenly cut ties with CMLL and NJPW, exiting her agreement with the promotions just days before she was expected to appear at a co-promoted card in San Jose, California.

A joint press release by CMLL and NJPW noted that Vaquer made the decision to leave the roster of both promotions effective immediately, citing personal reasons.

Queremos informarles que Stephanie Vaquer de forma abrupta nos ha comunicado que no participará, porrazones personales, en su próximo combate en FantasticaMania USA. A partir de hoy, también deja de pertenecer al talento del CMLL y NJPW.

— Lucha Libre CMLL (@CMLL_OFICIAL) July 10, 2024

Due to her exit, she is no longer the CMLL World Women’s Champion and one-half of the World Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Zeuxis.

Vaquer has subsequently been pulled from her appearance this weekend at Fantasticamania USA, where she was expected to face Lluvia in a match for her world title. Instead, Lluvia will take on NJPW’s Viva Van and AEW’s Willow Nightingale in a three-way match for the now-vacant belt.

Vaquer has been a fixture of CMLL’s women’s division since 2020. Her reign as the top women’s champ lasted nearly 300 days, including four title defences in 2023.

Along with her success in Mexico, Vaquer started to receive more high-profile U.S. bookings in recent years. She became a recurring member of NJPW’s trips to America as of last year and claimed their STRONG Women’s title. This belt was dropped last month after she lost arguably her biggest American match yet, facing Mercedes Mone at AEW’s Forbidden Door 2024 pay-per-view.

Gotta think shes headed to WWE. If she was going to AEW, I cant see this kind of exit.