Stephanie Vaquer to WWE!

Finally after losing out on free agents the WWE strikes back with Stephanie and Giulia soon.

Amazing news as she looked good with Mone and I think made the right call coming to WWE

Heck of a Xwitter thread from Rob Viper about this.


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Who is this guy? It’s so long

…yes my ADHD kicking in. I’m just happy someone finally went to WWE

Disappointing lol only cause I’ll see her twice a year from now on lol

Just watch WWE then?

I find it very frustrating to watch, so I only watch watch the big show really. So it’s disappointing she isn’t going somewhere that interests me at all. Watching WWE to me is like hitting my head into a wall lol

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Apologies for providing more information than your post, I guess? Good grief, doc.

I’m just kidding man. Sorry sometimes sense of humour doesn’t come across on this format. I did read what he wrote very informative. I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with Mexican organizations, but was interesting

TK should get some sort of finding fee :joy:


Mercedes is so smart - she made her to setup a big return for when she goes back to WWE

Any guesses what sort of abomination the NXT Name Generator will spew out this time?

I’m going with Valentina Abreu.