Sting: Roundtable (w/ Nate Milton & Kris Ealy)

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Martin Bushby is joined by Nate Milton & Kris Ealy for a roundtable discussion about the man called Sting.

The three talk about his start in wrestling with Rick Bassman and his early tag team with Jim Hellwig, his rise to the top of WCW and his early 90s matches against Vader, Cactus Jack and Ric Flair.

They then discuss his change into the Crow character and his feud with Hulk Hogan, his years in TNA, finally signing with WWE and his return to wrestling with AEW.

They also discuss some of his less finer moments including Black Scorpion, Robocop and Coal Miner’s Glove matches.

Finally, they talk about his legacy in wrestling and which of his themes they rank the highest.

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Fantastic listen, thanks so much. Kris and his San Jose wrestlemania story genuinely made me laugh. Nate and Martin of course great as usual.

Interesting to hear the Sting in AEW utilization discussion and I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in thinking it’s ok. The ‘special attraction’ concept needs a rework I think. Elevating someone with limited interest or ability just because they rarely appear to, ultimately, negligible gain is self defeating. Stigmatizing someone who shows up for work every day to better the place he works at doesn’t sit quite right. I dunno…

Again awesome show. Great reminiscing about the wars with Muta, Vader and Rude. Nate hit the nail on the head with the baby face Mount Rushmore comment with Steamboat. Not sure who the other 2 are though. The Road Warriors maybe?

Thanks again


I just downloaded the show. This is a great topic for a show. I appreciate that Nate is on. He is someone who appreciates Sting unlike some other people on post wrestling.

I just want to say that no one looks more confident on screen than Sting. His confidence even rubs off on me when I watch him.

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I just finished listening to the show. It was great. All 3 guys should be proud.

It is scary how me and Nate agree on everthing when it comes to Sting. Including best theme song and best time period of his carreer. I loved it when he was teaming with Lugar but they kept teasing a breakup. The first few years of Nitro was the best wrestling tv show of all time.