Stokely Hathaway (Malcolm Bivens) addresses WWE exit, confirms that he turned down contract offer

Originally published at Stokely Hathaway (Malcolm Bivens) addresses WWE exit, confirms that he turned down contract offer

Hathaway confirms that he was presented with a new offer several months ago.

In late April, Stokely Hathaway (Malcolm Bivens) finished up with WWE as he along with nine individuals from the NXT 2.0 brand were let go from the company.

Hathaway started with WWE in 2019 and played the role of on-screen manager for the former duo of Sanga and Veer. Dating back to the summer of 2021, he had been a part of Diamond Mine. Prior to his WWE exit, Hathaway had been promoting his set at a comedy show in New York.

Footage from that show was uploaded to Hathaway’s YouTube channel and he addressed his exit from WWE. He confirmed that he was presented with a new offer in February that he turned down. There were conversations about the main roster, but he never heard anything about managing Raw’s Omos. As far as his future in wrestling goes, Hathaway said he’s done for now but there’s a chance he’ll be back.

So a lot of people wanna know, Malcolm, what happened? What happened? And you know what they say, there’s three sides to a story. There’s your side, there’s the truth and there’s their side. So, I just gotta be real, I have to, uh, I hate to say it. I have to ‘control my narrative’. Hey, hey, hey! Don’t boo, I’m unemployed. You can’t boo them, all right? I get a pass, I get a pass today. Sh*t. All right, so here’s the truth: There’s a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation. Was I offered a contract in February? Yes. Did I say no to said contract? Yes. Was I offered to be with Omos? No. No one said a word to me about managing Omos. Was I told about the main roster? Yes, and people, they think I’m crazy. Like, ‘Malcolm, you threw away millions potentially, you walked away.’ Yeah, I did, because I didn’t wanna do it anymore and unfortunately, I wasn’t happy. At crazy.’ No Top Dolla, I am not crazy. Top Dolla is the crazy one, I’ll tell you why. He’s the Blackest man in WWE history. I thought it was me, it was him. You know why? He started a civil war with The Young Bucks. Not over money, cars, clothes, hoes, over sneakers. He started a war over sneakers! That’s the Blackest sh*t I ever heard.

Also, Julius , I’m gonna miss them. I love them like they’re all my kids but sometimes in life you have to move on, you know? And people ask me or they have been asking me, you know, ‘Malcolm, is this it for you? Is this it as far as professional wrestling goes?’ And for now, I have to say yes, have to say yes but, will I come back? Maybe, maybe. Maybe for the right price.

Prior to joining WWE, Hathaway worked with MLW, had a run with EVOLVE and was a part of Ring of Honor.

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