"Stomping Ground" tickets

So I live outside Vancouver, and was considering going to Stomping Grounds because the Pacific Northwest rarely ever gets PPV’s or big shows.

Of course, this event looks horrible but if I can find a deal I may still go.

So, I was checking out Stubhub and Ticketmaster, and my god this show is going to be a disaster. First of all, very few floor seats have been purchased. And the prices are utterly ridiculous - we’re talking $600 to $700 for floors and some of the 100s are $150.

Compare that to All Out tickets and it’s completely laughable. As a result, tons of tickets are available and now they’re offering two for one and four for three deals.

Seattle just had ROH, the Super J Cup is coming later this year and they have a thriving indy scene so I just don’t see any interest in this show AT ALL. Combine that with the WWE product being ice cold, a horrendous build for this show and stupid ticket prices and this show is going to be a mess.

It’s why we need promotions like AEW around to actually provide competition and show WWE they cant just charge whatever the fuck they want for a shitty product. But hey they’re big in Saudi Arabia.


My nephew showed me the ticket layout and good lord they’re gonna have to really darken that arena

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This has happened before. They give out free seats. Listen closely to your radio lol. They will also move you when you come in from back and upper seats to sit up close. This happened to me once and I was seated row 2 ringside for no reason other than they didn’t want them to be empty I guess.

The show sucks. It’s not a true sign of WWE popularity as this show is just a rehash if supershown two weeks prior.

For instance in Toronto the summerslam sold out pretty instantly

So why is the show occurring then? And why are the ticket prices so high? There is zero demand.

Also, there are still tickets available for Summerslam. Just checked on Ticketmaster. So it’s not a sell-out.

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Summerslam is because of dynamic pricing the ACC does. Only like 25 tickets left and they used to be 200 bucks. Public sale sold out right away but they always hold back

They then raise prices to 800-1000 for same seats release in short bursts hoping people randomly buy them when they pop up.

ACC does this for all events

Yeah I’m glad I cant make the trip out now. Was hoping it’d be in Spokane since it’s only a couple hours north of me. We get a house show so I’ll give that a go. The PPV prices are just ridiculous though. I checked it out the other day just in case I somehow could go and said no instantly.

I stopped giving any money to the WWE shortly after Linda was added to Trump’s cabinet, but even if I hadn’t, as someone who has also tripped from Vancouver to Washington to see Raw, Wrestlemania, and NXT, there’s no way this card could convince me to drag my sorry canuck butt to Bellingham, let alone Tacoma, papered ticket or no. A Super J Cup show in the same 'burg, though? Giddy up.

That’s the line she crossed that was too far? If you were truly committed to the bit, you would have boycotted when she inducted Warrior into the hall of fame after he said those mean words about homosexuals at the University of Connecticut.

Be more woke. If you would have stopped giving your 3/4 of a US dollar to WWE back then, they might not be in business today. Durglemumph Trumblemerp would have never appointed her to the Small Business Administration and then the reign of terror would be over.

I guess in a small way, you’re responsible

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I’m also a Canadian, living about 10 mins from the US border. Even the cheapest tix on Stubhub are sitting at $43 US. Tacoma Dome is a pretty large venue. The card is the shits, the 3.5 hr drive down the I-5 is no treat right now. I’d need to see some massive discounts to consider the trek.