Stomping Grounds Preview, Mia Yim & Rey Fenix on The Wrestlers | Café Hangout

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John Pollock and Wai Ting broadcast live from the POST Office for this week’s Café Hangout:

**The latest news in pro wrestling and a full preview of Sunday’s WWE Stomping Grounds

**Damian Abraham joins us to discuss a double-header of Viceland’s The Wrestlers.

Episode 5 features a look at how victims of domestic abuse have been able to find empowerment through pro wrestling. Featuring profiles of Mia Yim, SHIMMER Women Athletes, and Bolivia’s “Fighting Cholitas”.

Episode 6 features a look at how the impact of the Trump Administration’s strict border laws have affected Mexican luchadors looking to showcase their craft in the US. Featuring profiles of Rey Fenix, Konnan and “street wrestlers” Arkangel Divino and Ultimo Maldito.

Watch The Wrestlers here (US Only):

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I haven’t been able to call in or be in the live chat due to my work sched, but I just wanted to thank you guys for getting Damian in to talk about each of his episodes. They look wonderful, are snappy and succinct, but most importantly are telling great stories I can’t imagine many wrestling fans in North America would otherwise learn about. My partner, who wants nothing to do with wrestling, was fascinated by the Fighting Cholitas in particular.