Streaming details for Sukeban Miami on Dec. 6

Originally published at Streaming details for Sukeban Miami on Dec. 6

The upstart Sukeban promotion has revealed streaming details for this Wednesday’s card.

The group will stage its second event this Wednesday in Miami in conjunction with Art Basel at Lot 11.

The show is set to stream at 10 p.m. ET on the CEO Gaming channel on Twitch and will also be available on Sukeban’s TikTok channel.

The following matches were listed in the company’s press release:

Sukeban World Championship Match
Ichigo Sayaka vs. Commander Nakajima
The leaders of the Harajuku Stars and the Dangerous Liaisons battle to crown the first ever Sukeban World Champion, a prestigious honor represented by the championship belt created by industrial designer Marc Newson.

Special Attraction Four Way Match
Sareee vs. Countess Saori vs. Atomic Banshee vs. Babyface
Sareee returns to the United States, debuting for Sukeban in a grudge match pitting competitors from each of the company’s four stables – Cherry Bomb Girls, Dangerous Liaisons, Vandals, and Harajuku Stars.

Tag Team Grudge Match
Maya Mamushi, Saki Bimi vs. Queen Takase, KONAMI
Tensions rose to a boiling point at the Sukeban World Premiere when KONAMI joined forces with the Queen of Hearts in the Dangerous Liaisons, then brawled with the Harajuku Stars’ Maya Mamushi and Saki Bimi throughout the evening.

Special Challenge Match
Crush Yuu vs. Lady Antoinette
A special singles match features the equally likeable and feared Crush Yuu of the Cherry Bomb Girls against the unpredictable and dastardly Lady Antoinette of the Dangerous Liaisons. Can Crush Yuu prevail, or will it be off with her head?

Trios Grudge Match
Midnight Player, Bingo, Otaku-chan vs. Supersonic, Riko Blondie, Stray Cat
The Cherry Bomb Girls overcame the Vandals at the Sukeban World Premiere, but Midnight Players’ generous offer to Stray Cat of initiation into the stable was rebuked. Stray Cat remains a stray, but when a common enemy emerges, can she coexist with the enemy of her enemy?

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