Strong Style Evolved not live on NJPW World?

Hi guys. I’m confused about Strong Style Evolved. On the add on NJPW’s site it says “Live for Non U.S. Territories. VOD available for the U.S. Later.”

So will it not be streamed live for the States on NJPW World? Will the only way to watch live in the U.S. be on AXS tv?

I don’t have cable, so I don’t have the AXS channel.

From everything I’ve heard and the verbiage on the NJ World site, you are correct and SSE will only be live on Axs in the States. This is the same as when Axs broadcast the 1st night of the G1 special last year.

That sucks. But if so, I’ll just watch monday after work.

If you have a VPN, could you not tunnel into Canada or elsewhere to get access to it live? I wasn’t sure that New Japan World was able to geo-block content but I guess I was wrong.

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In canada, do we get it live on njpwworld?

I am curious about that myself, I had been planning my weekend around my ability to watch it.

From what I understand…

United States: Live on AXS, not on New Japan World, but added later on
Everywhere else: Live on New Japan World

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I struggled with this last year and wound up ordering a trial of DirectTV app so I could watch, then cancelled immediately after and subscribed to World.

I recommend seeking out that kind of trial for AXS.

I’m bummed because I really can’t stand JR calling NJPW; Kevin Kelly is terrific and I rather listen to him, Don, and an English speaking roster member like Juice or Chuck T as they add a unique perspective. I thought JR really took away from last year’s show.

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I thought Juice was terrific at the New Japan Cup final


Is axs a paid for channel in the states?
If so it seems this is pretty bad for loyal US njpw world subscribers.

Using vpn is a good way around it so that you can still use the site.

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Correct it is only live on AXS in the US. It is available on NJPW world minutes after it ends. It’ll be the AXS feed on NJPW world, so no Kevin Kelly or Don Callis. If I could guarantee they’d be doing the NJPW version, I’d watch it on a delay and stay in a bubble. Just sucks most of the storylines so wont be conveyed by JR and josh as they are not engulfed in the product


As a US based fan who wakes up at the crack of dawn to catch New Japan love to avoid spoilers I absolutely feel cheated that Kevin and Don are not calling Golden Lovers v Young Bucks. A dream matches called by two guys who last year butchered the live call and Jim Ross is a WWE guy. Something about his call of New Japan on AXS makes it feel less authentic

I’m going say it. I might be wrong, but, if you have a NJPW subscription, I don’t see anything wrong with doing a deep Google search to try and find a free live-feed.


It’s kinda not fair to those of us that live in the states and gladly pay for NJPW world to watch new japan. I don’t have cable, so I can’t help AXS with the ratings at all. Isn’t not like we aren’t supporting New Japan, we just aren’t supporting any cable or sattilitte providers.

You can download the Sling TV app to watch the show, but the catch is for the “free seven day trial” you have to agree to buy one month of Sling Tv service. So if you do that just to watch Strong Style Evolved, it’s gonna cost you $20 bucks.

I seen a few people saying to use a VPN. I have no idea what a VPN is. I don’t know if that is worth doing or just save yourself the hassle and watch the show later on NJPW World.

He was awesome. Very natural.

I get what you’re saying, but at the end of the day AXS is reportedly paying a lot of money for the rights to air it. If it leads more live shows in the US, I think it’s worth it.

(full disclosure, im in Canada)

As long as it’s not Dave Finlay. Dude was worse than Stephanie calling the Rumble.


Does anyone know if there was any build for the Cody & Marty vs GoD? I see it on the card but I am curious if there was anything building up leading up to the match tonight.

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I think codys been teaming with marty. Also, they are aligned with hangman page and loosely with young bucks

Chase Owens has been tagging with Kota aND kenny. So I guess Bullet Club OGs left and will be aligned with omegas crew based on numbers

Will be intetesting how they work the match.

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Anyone else having an issue streaming SSE in Canada ?

It’s tomorrow night.