This is a general appreciation thread for all things POST wrestling. Feel free to compliment anyone in the POST wrestling extended universe: John, Wai, Damian, Braden, Davie, WK Park, and all of you wonderful people!


And here I thought I was the only fan of WK Park.

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I :blue_heart: WH Park - guys is a legend. Perfect blend of spicy cromudgeon and aunthentic Japanese commentary

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lets give love to all at the British Wrestling Experience and the man Nate Milton


God Bless BWE. God Bless Pollock & Wai. And God Bless chairs ‘cause I know right now you’re sittin’ in a chair and probably they’d all have to stand up and do their podcast if you didn’t have…whoever invented the chair, God bless you. And God Bless standing work stations.

God Bless my Grandson, Rusty. He just started Summer vacation today–he’s gonna be playing baseball this Summer. God Bless Brother Nate. God Bless WH Park. God bless the auto industry, ya know, they’re having a lot of trouble. And God bless Jesus, ya know, Jesus is the reason you and I are here. God bless you Genutz. God Bless Braden and Davey. God Bless Damien. God bless the weather we’ve been having.

God bless the internet companies too, ‘cause without them, I wouldn’t even be talking to you guys right now. And, ya know, so God bless technology too and God bless Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone, ‘cause without that, I don’t know how I’d post on here whilst on the go. And God Bless MikeG. God bless Patreon. And bless your blessings. And God bless God.

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