Suggestion for next superstar shuffle...

I wonder if the WWE would consider using the Hardy Compound / Lake of Re-incarnation (whatever it’s called) as an option to rebrand, release or write-off talent?

The third category for the next talent draft should be “RAW” or “SMACKDOWN” or “DELETION” If your name makes ‘the list of deletion’ you have to show up (or have an episode where Matt and crew have to round up the list of the deleted). Doesn’t mater how the ‘deleted’ get there, but off they go to the Hardy ranch and meet your fate.

  • If you’re injured, being “deleted” would be a good option for you.
  • If your contract is up - off to the compound with you!
  • If you desperately need a character re-brand - TO THE LAKE!

No, they wouldn’t do that. Why would they spend time, money and resources to film a storyline for people that are going to be released or have their character re-branded?

This would imply the WWE puts any effort at all in the Shakeup.

Do people not remember how awful last years was? There was no GM interaction, no matches to determine who gets a pick, no big screen tumbler. Wrestlers literally just showed up with no explanation other than the commentators saying “Wow! He’s now on SmackDown!”


Yup! This was crazy for me as someone who watched most of what 2017 has to offer in WWE in the latter part of 2017. It felt like one night Owens, Jericho were on Raw and the night later they were on Smackdown. There was no build, no story, nada.

The brand shakeup tends to be exciting to the fans, something we look forward to. We get an idea of how WWE will be shaping storylines for the next 12 months after a brand shakeup / draft.

There should be some pageantry/story involved, this helps drive the competitiveness of events like Survivor Series later in the year as it adds a level of rivalry as well and helps to drive home the point that both Raw and Smackdown are vying for which is the better brand (at least in story)