Suggestions for Friday Patreon show

Didn’t see a topic for this, for us patreon’s what would you like to see?

I think it would be neat to see them do one of the 90’s AJPW or 2000’s Noah cards. I can’t recall them ever doing one on the old site, at least not a whole show. Especially with the popularity of New Japan, a look back at some classic puroresu could be unique.

I would suggest a very casual format show with John and Wai talking about some road stories of events they have covered in the past from the LAW or FN. Behind the scenes at a UFC event or a press conference where something interesting happened. Rewind-An-Anecdote or something like that. A show that wouldn’t require any content that needs to be watched.

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If it’s up in time, Night 2 of wXw 16 Carat Gold should be a must watch for this.

Just gonna spitball some ideas…

  • NXT catch-up show (recapping the previous few weeks, starting the build to Takeover).

  • A selection of matches involving the 2018 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • A review of the NJPW Australian Tour, all matches have been uploaded onto NJPW World (Under the “All Movies” tab, then scroll backwards to Feb.16th).

  • A review of NJPW WrestleKingdom 10 (2016 - Including "Shinsuke Nakamura © vs. A.J. Styles for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, & Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship).

  • Review of " VICE’s Wrestler’s " (I hear it being mentioned so much on the podcasts seems like a natural fit for a review), also when will this be available internationally?

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Seeing as it’s so close to Mania, I think a great idea would be to countdown your own personal picks for Top 5 Best and Worst WrestleManias. You could even do it in two halves like the end-of-year awards; have the Top 5 Best now and the Top 5 Worst later on.

How about a review of San Andreas or Trainwreck or some other dumb movie with a wrestler in it?

(not Blade Runner 2049 tho)

Anything nxt there’s podcasts for everything on this site which I love apart from nxt

So a WHTs NXT podcast please.

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I’d love a review of just the AJ - Nakamura match before WM if you could add that onto something. Feel it’s super relevant and useful to know the big spots and story told in it leading into this match. Hoping they get 25 min in ring bell to bell at Mania

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Im not saying you guys can do this for a patreon exclusive but similar to April Richardson did w the saved by the bell episodes and reviewed them I wouod be down for Pollock to review the entire 90210 series but more to releastic possibilities for reviews, I always wanted you guys to review this fan’s footage that is 48 minutes long of WrestleMania 12 weekend… it is so fucking great and full of laughs depending on how you view it.

My favorite part of it is this guy filming the wrestlers while they are working out in the hotel gym and you can tell Shawn Michaels is annoyed as fuck and then suddently the ppl working there start taping up something to block the view. Even if you guys dont do this review, it is still a hilarious look at the weekend buzz at an earlier wrestlemania

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I would like to hear @johnpollock and @wai0937 review the Born Strong documentary about strong men on Netflix:

Review WCW Thunder. It’s up on the network.

I know this has been done and maybe it wont beat the humerous one you did prior but like a sitcom reboot or revival maybe you can do King of the Ring 94… I still laugh at the original one where you guys were losing it because of Art Donovan

Movie cast would be awesome! How about a news roundup thing kind of like Bauer and Pollock (King and the fish!) used to be? With more loose personal stuff like thoughts on movies/TV they’ve watched/what coffee they’re drinking? Something relatively low prep for them and easy to listen for us instead of making them sit through another PPV and take notes. The meandering intros to podcasts are very relaxing to listen to and would make perfect breakfast listening :slight_smile:

Please review a urban Wrestling federation event!

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Complete spoiler review for infinity war. What you guys think of the movie and what will happen in part 2.

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We had a spoiler-filled discussion about the film at the end of this week’s RAR.

It would be awesome if you guys could review an episode of Something Else To Wrestle With in the future.

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Honestly turn on the mics and let them chat about whatever.

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It’s not wrestling related but I think a movie or more specifically MCU podcast would be fun. John is always so prepared and knowledgeable about combat sports I have really been getting a kick out of him discussing Marvel with Wai lately. Start at Iron Man 1 and work your way forward. Even discussing the story telling as it relates to wrestlings face/heel dynamic would be interesting.