Summerslam 1995

Just got done watching this on the Network, a few thoughts…

Wow! I remember now why I had such a crush on Sunny when I was a kid…she was looking great at this time! Times have sure changed…

That ladder match between Shawn and Razor was the match of the night. No match during this PPV came close to it! Their match at Mania was better but no complaints about this match either.

That main event was awful!!! There was no chemistry at all between the two and they were not on the same page at all during the match.

So a couple of questions…

  1. The Mania match between HBK and Razor at Mania had Shawn being the Heel and Razor being the Babyface. Were they both babyfaces during this match or was Shawn the “cool heel” that people were starting to cheer for? I can’t remember what the storylines were leading up to this match

  2. Mabel was in line for a big push since he won King of the Ring. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Does anyone know the story behind what happened with that push he was supposed to get? Had Vince changed his mind before this match or was this match what caused Vince to change their mind? Obviously, he was another one of those guys that Vince liked to push because of his look, not because he had any wrestling ability. Although I don’t think he was as bad as some of the other giants Vince has tried to push, such as Khali or Giant Gonzalez

  1. Shawn had been a face since the night after Wrestlemania when Sid attacked him

  2. Mabel was just a monster heel being fed to Diesel as he tried to create another Hogan, I’m pretty sure they was no intentions of giving him the title, he injured Taker shortly after this and was never in the main event again.

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Mabel got a reputation for being a bit reckless at this time. As noted he would injure Taker soon after this but he actually hurt Diesel in this match when he sat down on his back.

I remember even as a kid thinking this show was pretty bad. But I’ve always loved the ladder match. I’m even more impressed after hearing Prichard talk about how they couldn’t use the ladder, and had to work harder to add drama.

Wow! it turns out most people, including women, look different after 23 years!

Follow up question to Mable injuring Taker…was this the injury that led to Phantom Of The Opera face mask Taker? That era was sweet.

It was the injury that lead to the mask

Nice. A lot of that time is a blur to me at this point.

What I said had nothing to do with Sunny’s age. I was more talking about what she’s done to herself when it comes to the drugs and alcohol

Always found it so weird that Summerslam '95 was revealed to be Finn Balor’s favorite WWF show during that Network special they did during his NXT days.

I think he said it was the first one he watched…so it’s understandable thst way.

And I quote, “it is still my favorite pay-per-view.”

If this is what inspired him to become a wrestler, then we can finally say something positive came outta WWF in the year 1995.

You mean to tell me the debut of Ahmed Johnson wasn’t a positive?

Dang, that was '95? I stand corrected. There was also that cool Hitman vs Hakushi match, so it wasn’t a total write-off.

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