SummerSlam 2018 thread....

Ambrose is definitely turning on this dude.

Here we go go go!

Less than 30 seconds after the opening bell on the first match and Coach is talking about how Ziggler wants to “set the tone for the locker room.” Ya know, because we all know it’s about the performance, not winning the match.

Good feeling I’ll be watching on mute sooner rather than later.

EDIT: I promise that’s the only time I’ll complain (in this thread). Just wasn’t prepared to be irked so early in the card.

I feel they should milk the Ambrose heel turn, since the majority feeling seems so transparent.

Gotta be a 1st that the final match of 1 PPV is the opening match of the next PPV

The matches are so drawn out, slow, dramatic, and predictable. I’m still a diehard fan. But this is the difference between watching Takeover matches, the G-1 tournament, and the main roster.

Bella’s to cost Ronda the title?

I don’t know. I still don’t think Rhonda needs the championship. But you don’t Rhonda looking weak, in losing. I definitely don’t want a Rhonda/Bella’s feud. Btw, I was hoping for a KO cash-in.

Left field prediction: Sasha and Bayley interrupt, attack Charlotte & Becky (call back to Charlotte & Becky segment), prolongs Carmella title run, sets up interbrand tag match for Evolution.

or…not. I like this better, actually. Becky a great face but a change in character a long time coming.

Thank you Becky :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

WWE Title match on too early, must be a screwy finish coming

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I loved the support the crowd showed Becky but as a heel turn it was never going to work as far as making the crowd dislike her. WWE are genuinely terrible at reading the crowd. If the turn was against someone the fans liked then maybe it could work but Charlotte is pretty shit as a babyface.

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I’ve got a feeling that they haven’t decided a finish to the Brock VS Roman match

Oh no the wife is there

All depends if the UFC has a date set for Brock vs DC made up before the entrances, then Vince will make up his mind.

Second match ruined by a fk finish.

Smackdown with 2 title DQs?

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WTF was that Elias segment, if that’s his only involvement, then that was a waste of time on a long show

So like… did the cancel both the US tItle match and Balor match?
Please tell me they did. Fuck that Elias segment too.

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