SummerSlam/TakeOver Toroto

I know single Tickets go on sale Friday. I got an email today for presale of SummerSlam tickets but not TakeOver. Does anyone know if there will be a presale for TakeOver? I got my SummerSlam tickets but would like both. If no presale I’ll just wait till Friday.

Any chance you could hook a brother up with that code? I’m a Floridian with family in the 6, I’ll be traveling up for the event. I’d be happy to return the favo(u)r for Mania, I’m a tampa local.


I think it ends tomorrow

I already have a lot of tickets if anyone wants some for all 4 shows

The are first row upper bowl dead centre for all events and I think 119 lowers for summerslam.

Of note WWE jacked all prices as “platinum” now so they cost 2-3x what we all got them from. Be careful buying them off the site. Guys on resale got them for much cheaper so deals to be had

Hey Alex - Might be interested in a pair depending on section and price. Please message me.


Just sold 5 pairs in literally 2 mins after public sale. INsanely hot!

I’m not surprised that SummerSlam is already nearly sold out, since there have been multiple pre-sales over the course of the last week.

NXT doesn’t currently have an onsale date for single tickets. Watch this space:

I have a pair of uppers for this in row 1 already (NXT) but saving them unless i get something better

Just sold my last two seats to someone on here :slight_smile:

We should organize a meet up before the event!

I’m hoping to upgrade my Takeover during the sale but otherwise will just keep these I have

If anyone has a lead on 2 SS tix definitely get in touch. Slept on getting them. Willing to whatever second market sites are selling for.