SummerSlam Week - ROH or SMASH?

I’ll be heading to Toronto for SummerSlam Week in August - so far most things announced aren’t clashing with each other, but the one major clash right now is ROH’s Summer Supercard at the old Maple Leaf Gardens and SMASH’s big Super Showdown VII card at the Midtown Event Theatre.

I’ve decided to go to the SMASH show based mainly on how poor the MSG show was for ROH and the general malaise since, while SMASH might have OWE guys on their show, and most of the other shows I’m going to are all at the same venue.

But how about you if you’re going? Is the promise of talent from New Japan and CMLL enough for you… even if it’s during the G1, meaning none of the big names will be there?

You can also add Destiny to the mix for GTA Toronto shows on the Friday night.

I hope all are successful, but I also fear that whereas Mania brings in 100K fans to a city, SummerSlam will be bringing in considerably less to go around.

That said, both Smash and Destiny have their fanbases in Toronto and both will do well.

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I’m going to buy a General Admission ticket to the ROH show. I really enjoyed the show they just put on in Toronto. They’re also saying there will be New Japan and CMLL talent on the show.

I know it’s during G1, so some of the bigger names are unavailable, but I think a couple high profile Jr. Heavyweights and Liger would satisfy me.

I’d also be happy with just about anyone from CMLL, as I’ve never seen anyone from there live except Rush.

It would take a lot to get me to choose SMASH over ROH to be honest, unless they manage to get some Japanese names from smaller companies that rarely come over to North America. So if somehow SMASH announce some of my favourite Japanese indie guys, I’ll put my ROH ticket on the resale market, but my instincts tell me given what I like ROH is probably a better bet.

But I’d go with what your gut tells you in the end. Mine says ROH.

This is the biggest weekend wrestling wise in Toronto ever and will probably be the closest to a Wrestlemania week we’ll get since i doubt WWE will run the Rogers Centre again because it’s to small.

I’m going to go to Progress on the thursday and maybe The Summit (Women’s Supershow) on saturday morning. If ROH tickets are cheap or if there’s a festival of honor i’ll consider going since i would only be interested in seeing the CMLL stars.