SummerSlam weekend frustrations

Anyone else getting the run around for accommodations?

I booked with Air B&B months ago and they cancelled my reservation. I then booked with and prepaid the full stay and just received notification today that they cancelled my reservation. Now of course prices have gone up like crazy.

I feel like no matter what I book I am getting screwed over. My biggest fear is I’m going to get in the city with all these tickets bought and I have no place to stay :grimacing:

I don’t think it’s because of summerslam. I live just north of the city and I the Scotiabank only holds like 20k for wrestling max and I would imagine a lot of them are actually locals. I would highly doubt this is overwhelming the hotel market.

If you can’t find a hotel somewhere in the core try looking along the subway lines. The arena is located right at union station.


Thanks for the tip. It’s like hunting for gold. I was going to drive in from Ottawa but now I think I might take the train. At first parking was included but I think that is going to be a tough find.

Parking at a green P near the arena is about 10-15 dollars. The train is a good idea too since it drops you right at union where the arena is

How far out of the city do I have to go to get good lodging for reasonable rates and Uber into the city?

IF I am coming - still unknown

I wouldn’t uber into the city. It will be expensive.

Best bet is to find something along the subway line. It extends all the way into Vaughan now and North York as well as east and west. There are definitely going to be cheaper options to find around the subway if you pull up a google map and see how far away you are.

The arena is literally right at union station so it’s an easy ride

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Are Bradon and Davey not opening up their place as a hostile

Haha they would make a killing.

So I’m looking in to the subway lines. Does the yonge-universoty line run 24 hours?

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Nope it shuts off around 2am