Super fans...

I’m pretty sure he goes to every televised show. I saw him at Smackdown last week too.

The one year I went to WrestleCon, the first person I saw upon walking into the lobby was Vladimir. Seemed appropriate.

Surely some of these guys won the lottery or have some kind of high paying job where they work only a few days a week to be able to afford attending almost every PPV, Raw & SmackDown in the front row within the year.

While most are their just having fun, their are a few who are more interested in trying to get themselves over.

Even with the time and cash to go to all these shows, it begs to wonder, why? I mean we can all handle the occasional live events and watching on the product on TV… but going to all the PPVs and televised events is just pure madness. A little much, IMO, and needless to say, what a commitment. Honestly, its mind-boggling. I can hardly handle the devotion of time to watching all the shows from the comfort of my home on a weekly basis. lol. At this point you might as well just get a job within the company and enjoy the travel and events as part of the crew. I have no idea how they do this on any level, Some people have the life.

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Is there any chance some of these guys are planted by WWE to over react in the front row on TV?

I’m sure WWE has used plants before. For awhile back in 2011-2012 when “I hate Cena” shirts were on sale there was always a black guy who wore the shirt in the front row. But then after a Cena match he and Cena would shake hands as if to show that Cena had won over the Cena hater and that while it’s cool to hate on Cena you still had to respect him.

No kidding. Even if you don’t think about the money, this just seems like work.


If it’s a work. …they need better workers…most of those dudes are more delusional neckbeards than some of the geeks who do youtube rants.


The trailer came out for the Vladimir the superfan documentary. I’m very interested to see this one as its a fresh idea and I can’t help but feel nostalgic when seeing him as when I was a kid he was at every big show and I just associate him with early 90’s WWF.


I remember him!

I’ve always found WWE super fans the most interesting. Unlike other sports where you can buy season tickets and go to all the games and then follow a team around a little bit, which is a lot of people do, in this there are no season tickets so you have to buy each individual event and the cost can be crazy if you’re sitting in the front row.


I’ve also always seen this Scotsman travel all the way here for almost every show too.


I dont like the ones such as green shirt guy, who just screams like he is looking for attention. This guy is always in the same spot(somehow), always wears the same shirt. At least most of the other ones arent as bad.