Super J Cup standing room only!

Managed to snag tickets the moment they went on sale, and good thing I did… was just checking to see what was left for a friend, they only have the standing room tickets left, everything else has already sold out in under a day, with no card announced. That’s great news, I’m so excited for this. :smiley:

A browser snafu likely cost me first row, but I’m happy enough with a second row ticket for the Washington show. Looking forward to it, too!

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I’ve never seen anything that’s been broadcast. I’ve seen 4-5 WWE house shows here in Van, and a ton of local ECCW, which I can’t complain, as I’ve been watching El Phantasmo perform for years. This is going to be my first ever show that’s broadcast, and I was able to snag ring side, front row tickets, for less than I’ve paid to see WWE House shows. August is far to far away, I’m so excited.