Superbrawl 1998

So, I just got done watching the Superbrawl from 1998 on the WWE Network. A few comments and then a question for everyone…

Booker T was really starting to get over with the fans at this time. I think him and Goldberg were the two top babyfaces on this show!

I forget how highly entertaining Chris Jericho was at this time. At the beginning of his match with Juvi, Y2J refuses to take his Cruiserweight Championship off so he wrestles the beginning of the match wearing the title which for some reason, I found hilarious!

Now for my question…
I remember the Sting-Hogan match from Starrcade the month before and the Nick Patrick 3 count. I remember at the time seeing it and noticing that there was nothing wrong with the 3 count that Nick Patrick had given and being completely confused when Bret Hart came out to say that the 3 count had been rigged and he wasnt going to let the same thing happen again that had happened to him at the Survivor Series. At the beginning of this show, the announcers came across like they believed that Nick Patrick had been in the nWo’s pocket and the the 3 count at Starrcade wasnt legit and then after J.J. Dillon reinstated Nick Patrick later on in the show, the announcers said that they had agreed with J.J. Dillons ruling to reinstate Patrick because the 3 count he had given at the end of the Sting-Hogan match was legit and nothing was wrong with it so I think the announcers were just as confused as everyone else. So my question is, what was supposed to happen at the end of that Sting-Hogan match at Starrcade? Was Nick Patrick supposed to make a fast 3 count but either didnt get the memo or forgot? Was the ending changed at all? I have a hard time believing everything with that went according to plan. Im sure John and Wai have talked about this before but for some reason, I dont remember. Anyone know anything?

The most common story going about is that Patrick was meant to do a fast count but before the match Hogan got in his ear and told him not to do it.

When OSW did the Dungeon of Doom arc they highlighted some incredible instances of Hogan being an absolute dick when it came to how his matches went. After hearing so much about him, I would not be surprised if Hogan did do this.

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TBH, it kind of look like Sting missed the kickout and Hogan had to improvise.

This is the story I’ve heard as well.

I absolutely love 1998 Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho, one of my favourite periods of his career.

The feud between Jericho and Dean Malenko around that time was very entertaining. The pop Malenko got when he unmasked himself at Ciclope one month later is the biggest he ever got in his career. The crowd was ready to see him destroy Jericho.

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Sting didn’t help himself either as he was still selling the leg drop way after the pin. If it was meant to be a fast count he should have been moving a lot more in my view.