Supercard of Honor / Honor Club question

So my dad wants to do his birthday dinner during SCoH. If I subscribe to Honor Club prior to the show, will I be able to start the show on demand when I get home (I’m thinking like Takeover on the network, If I miss the live stream, I just watch the VOD version?)

Thanks in advance

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I just got the Honor Club myself. I think the way it works is that the live stream goes on and then the VOD would be available a few hours later I think.

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Damn. Was really hoping it would be immediate. Thanks.

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Yeah I don’t think it is. I’m hoping someone else would chime in since I’m new to the service as well.

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I’m not sure how soon after but I have a feeling they’ll expedite it. The one bummer with both Honor Club and also NJPW is you cannot start something from the beginning when it’s live. That’s a feature I’d like very much but I can’t be nit picky getting such quality for a good deal

I’m personally bummed that ROH doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method to subscribe to Honor Club. That’s the method I used for other wrestling subscriptions online and never had a problem.

So, I guess no Honor Club for me then.

now I’m in the same boat. birthday dinner on Sat night and had planned on watching SCoH LIVE and then NXT after on demand since it is immediately available. I know this is kinda lame but it’s always a bummer to watch these on delay as I enjoy following twitter (and this board) in real-time.

I am going to email ROH support and ask them expected time before posting SCoH on demand. Will reply here if I hear back.

EDIT: here is what I sent to ROH


I am a proud subscriber to Honor Club and cannot wait until this weekends Super Card of Honor. Unfortunately I will need to watch it after it airs Live due to conflicting plans (no! not NXT! I have a birthday dinner)

Are you able to give guidance on when Super Card may be available for VOD for subscribers. I am trying to coordinate a viewing with a friend who will be at dinner with me and we want to know if we can plan to catch it later Saturday night or not for a day or so.




Update: I’ve been told it will be available once the Live show ends.

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Thanks for confirming!

I thought that if you purchased the honor club vip package, you’d get live access to all ppvs with the exception of those that traditionally aren’t broadcasted live. Supercard of honor should be available to watch live

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It absolutely can, but my question was if I can start the broadcast over before it has ended (a lawwe network) or if I had to wait for VOD to watch from the beginning (a la NJPW World) as I won’t be home on time. But if you’re home and subscribed to Honor Club, you’ve got no issues

The table in “WrestleMania Week Event” threads claims supercard of honor in included in the $9.99 plan (i.e. not annual payment or VIP not required)… Has that been confirmed? I looked at the ROH site and found no mention of it. TIA

My reference to when SCoH is avail is because I can’t watch it Live and in the past there is no start from the beginning option. So I was informed it’ll be posted right after the show ends. But yes, it’s live for subscribers. Just not ones at birthday dinners

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I’m hoping someone on here will be able to answer my question. How far back does the video library go? See i wanna watch some old roh ppvs from like 2002 -2008. i subscribed to honor club on fight tv but the ppvs only go as far back as 2016, are they all on the honor club app? Thanks…

They’re slowly releasing some older shows. Pretty much from the very beginning. A lot of 2002-2008 aren’t on there and I imagine a lot of it is because of the licensed music they used.

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