Superstar Billy Graham on life support, wife Valerie asking for prayers

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Eldridge Wayne Coleman a.k.a. Superstar Billy Graham is on life support, according to his wife.

Valerie Coleman shared a message through Graham’s Facebook account that the former WWWF Champion is on life support with Valerie refusing to allow the doctors to remove him from it:

Please urgent prayers needed for my husband. The doctors wanted to remove him from life support tonight, I refused. He’s a fighter and his will is strong even if his body isn’t. God is our hope.

Coleman has been through many health problems and has spent most of the year in the hospital. He was admitted for acute kidney failure in late April and placed into intensive care. He has suffered from an infection to his skull, ears, and sinus cavity that has left him deaf and undergone significant weight loss.

Valerie has been limited in her ability to see her husband due to a bout with COVID-19 and being impacted by the effects of long COVID.

We are sending our thoughts to the Coleman family during this tremendously difficult period.

This is very sad to hear. Anything is possible, but once the docs recommend taking a person off life support, especially someone 80, typically its just a matter of time.

Unfortunately a conversation we have all too often (I had 3 of these today). When it reaches this stage typically we feel the pain, suffering and agony of tolerating life support therapy outweighs any potential benefit to the patient. While you can keep a person going with machines (usually with heavy sedatives) for a while longer and keep their heart technically going, no one really knows what that person is feeling. When the chance for meaningful recovery is thought to be close to 0 then it becomes harder and harder to justify the potential pain and suffering.


Sad to hear this, praying for him.